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Skewed Slightly to the Left (?) - On the Plane with Nicolae

[Originally posted at Slacktivist.  Not sure if it's canon Skewed Slightly to the Left or not yet.]
[The problem with Rayford being Nicolae's pilot is that it forever leaves us with the question of why he doesn't crash the damn plane.]
[For context, Rayford's wife Amanda is on the plane, and Rayford has just learned that Nicolae is planning to destroy ten major cities in North America alone.  In canon Left Behind Ray sends Amanda away for, basically, the reason that this Ray gives to Nicolae here.]

"I have family in Chicago," Rayford said, his seething rage impossible to keep out of his voice.

Nicolae pretended not to notice. "Yes, and I hope they are safe," he said as if he were discussing the weather or some other meaningless bit of trivia.

There was only one thing stopping Rayford from lunging forward and trying to kill Carpathia there and then.  He reminded himself of it, tried to keep his voice calm.  "I understand that I'm needed here with you, but I'd feel better if someone were trying to... If someone were there for them.  Do you think it would be possible for Amanda to head there after we land?"

Nicolae spoke as if considering where to eat dinner, "Well it is the middle of a world war, and tasking an aircraft on such short notice is no small feat, but then you are one of my favorite employees, and it's not as if I need whatshername here for anything, so I suppose I could arrange that for you, yes."

The casual manner with which he discussed the war made Rayford want punch the man, but he convinced himself to wait just a little bit longer.


[Later, after Amanda is off the plane, just after takeoff.]

Rayford worried that the copilot would notice the sweat pouring out of him, he had to remind himself to breathe.  One, last breath as he prepared to--

Suddenly a hand was on his shoulder, then he felt the presence of another next to him.  Intimately close. "You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?" Nicolae whispered in his ear.

Nicolae stood straight, "Control of the aircraft has already been transferred to your colleague.  Come, join us in the lounge."


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  1. I think the difficulty with canon-ifying this is that it wouldn't be compatible with bits of the books that we haven't got to yet - having made the attempt once, Ray would be doing it again and again, and wouldn't be Nicky Rook's pilot for much longer.