Monday, September 24, 2012

Various Teams

[Originally posted at Slacktivist.]
[In response to Fred saying a pastor wasn't concerned with God so much as Team God.]

So it's like:
Team Edward - Sparkling and Dead is better than Alive and Human
Team Jacob - At least I still have a heartbeat
Team Atheism - You know, we do in fact exist.
Team God - Other options exist, but they're all WRONG.
Team Leah - Why does the author hate me so much?
Team Alice - I know how this ends...
Team Rayford - Your life and death do not concern me.
Team Buck - Violating Journalistic Ethics since 1995
Team Chloe - Remember when I had character?  Whatever happened to that?
Team Nicolae - Is there anything I can't do?  I mean, I just blew up ten cities with radiation free 100 megaton nuclear weapons without stopping auto dealerships from working just because I felt like it.
Team Eris - Marijuana of the Lunatic Fringe
Team Mike -  At least I'm human for fuck's sake.
Team Eric - At least I'm not as much of an ass as Mike.
Team Hattie - What Leah said.
Team Leon - I thought I was supposed to be a major player but everyone always picks on me.
Team Bruce - I knew I shouldn't have signed a two book contract when the others were offered 12 books.  Renewal my ass.
Team Tsion - Thick accent, thicker stereotypes, for the win.
Team Chaim - I killed the mother fucking Antichrist.


Note that I previously did a thing for the various Twilight teams with different slogans and more characters covered.


  1. Team Nyarlathotep - oh, you ants are so cute. Have a monstrously powerful toy to dominate each other with. Now dance for me.

    (Actually that's LB!God too...)

  2. I have a terrible fondness for Team Eris, I must confess. :)

  3. Add everything here.