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Skewed Slightly to the Left - Index

It's about time Skewed Slightly to the Left had an index of it's own*, and while I want to hold off on any major revisions until I get my computer back, I figure that I can make one now and then do the work of making everything point here later.

So the idea is this, in writing this or that piece of the-opposite-of-fan fiction for Left Behind, or even in just reading Fred Clark's deconstruction of it, I've often felt like there was the potential for a good, or at least passable, story that the authors just managed to miss.  Almost any piece I write based on Left Behind involves things going off the rails to some degree or another, but it always seemed like something could stay largely on the rails and not suck.

Skewed Slightly to the Left is an attempt to tell that story.


That Sinking Feeling - Rayford thinks he knows what's going on.

Can anybody hear me? - Rayford's copilot makes contact with another plane and so the first outside news of the disappearances is shared.

After Landing - Ray, Hattie, and co-pilot Chris do what they can to help after the passengers are evacuated, unfortunately there's not much they can do to help.

The Frightened Doctor - A doctor who couldn't face the carnage outside gives medical attention to Cameron in the airport terminal so that he can at least do something to help someone in some small way.

Theories Chloe has heard - Before Rayford tells his daughter what he thinks happened, he asks to know what she thinks.  Chloe doesn't really have an answer, but she did hear a bunch of theories on her cross country trip home.

Cameron's Interview Fragments - Cameron Williams actually conducts interviews with people who believe they know what happened.

Tsion's Conversion - The world watches as an obscure religious scholar reports on the findings of a study that should have been largely ignored, all because darker forces have been working to twist the results to their own ends.

Excerpt from a secret meeting - Cameron meets with the former President of the United States of America, information and warnings are exchanged.

Fighting Fate - With World War III fast approaching Cameron and the staff of Global Community Weekly take sides.  Specifically the side they know is destined to lose.
World War III, as seen from the GCW offices - Cameron, Verna, Alice and the others try to make sense of the news as it comes in, and disseminate it.

Cameron and Chloe during World War III - (Takes place during the previous) Cameron finds time to make a personal phone call, Chloe prepares to take on War.

WWIII At New Hope - Loretta and the others at New Hope do their best to make a difference.

Rayford meets Earl during WWIII - At a small military base outside Dallas, Rayford is reunited with an old friend.
Earl tells Ray about the plane - Earl and Ray discuss why Rayford works for Nicolae, and how what Earl has done can help with that.

Meeting a contact during WWIII - Life on the Tribulation force isn't always easy, as when a a world war complicates what should be a simple meeting in which Chloe procures some laptops.

What you do when you know where the nukes will fall - Cameron gets a call from Rayford telling him Nicolae's North American targets, and changes his plans accordingly.

? On the Plane with Nicolae - Not sure if this is canonical.  Rayford finally decides that crashing the plane is for the best.  But the best laid plans of mice and men and whatnot.
Apocrapha: Why Amanda was allowed to sit in on the meeting - Written after the above as well as "Before the Potentate's speech" below it unfortunately contradicts stuff in them.  Hence it's apocryphal status.

The Bomb Drops - Verna, Alice and Cameron arrive at New Hope, everyone tries to do work, and finally the bomb drops on the city.
After the Bomb - Cameron gets a phone call, makes a phone call, prepares to find Chloe.

? Before the Potentate's speech - Still not sure if this is canonical, but if it is: Meanwhile back on the plane, Nicolae talks to the now captive Rayford.  Twisting the emotional knife and explaining why the world will be ready to embrace him.

Getting There - Cameron heads out, Jane volunteers herself as his driver.  They go.
Stops along the way - Jane and Cameron run into emergency workers, reach the last known location of Chloe.
On and On it Goes - Verna and Loretta get control of a paper, Jane and Cameron reach an impassible section of road.
The first good news - Cameron gets a call from Verna, Rayford has time to think.
Rayford has some time to think - Follows directly from the previous
Why you will fly this plane - Nicolae explains to Rayford exactly why Ray will continue to work for him.

[unfortunately there's a gap here that includes the entire rest of World War III and then some]

A murderer on the Jordan - Cameron learns that the person taking her upriver is a murderer.

Calling for Help - Cameron can't get Tsion to safety on her own.
Getting to the Other Side - How Cameron and Tsion crossed the last remaining border on earth.
You find someone to carry you - How Cameron and Tsion made it to the getaway plane.

Homecoming - Cameron and Tsion arrive in the wreckage of Chicago, where Chloe is waiting.


* Not Even the Angels in Heaven has an index even though it only has three things.  Mind you part of that is that the plan was always for it to have a lot more than three things in the end, but still there are currently 3 and a third times as many Skewed Slightly to the Left things.

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