Sunday, August 12, 2012

Skewed Slightly to the Left: Rayford meets Earl during WWIII

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When Rayford shook his hand, Earl pulled him into a hug.  It wasn't a usual greeting for Rayford, in fact it may have been the first time he'd been involved in such a greeting, but Rayford did his best to appear natural in responding to it.

With the two of them close together, Earl whispered as quietly as he could while still having Rayford hear him, "Your boss is evil."
Rayford responded, equally quietly, "I know," and felt defeat seep into his admission.  18 months he'd been trying to spy on Nicolae, and now that the world was falling apart around him he'd never been so sure that the whole thing had been useless.  In that time, had he gathered a single useful bit of intelligence?  Not as far as he could tell.
Earl said, "We should talk," and then ended the handshake-hug.
As they pulled apart Rayford said, at his usual volume, "I was so worried when I heard about New York, how'd you get out in time?"
"I'll tell you over lunch, and brief you on the new plane too." He started to walk away from the dignitaries, then turned back to Rayford, "This way."  Rayford followed.

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