Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Metapost about future posts being posted in the future, and stuff

Yeah, so, I have this blog thing here and the last time I made a normal post was probably the call for not-more-origin stories* two Mondays ago.

I have not forgotten that there's a blog here, in fact I've been very aware of it since Fred Clark linked to me.  It's somewhat interesting to watch your stats go down as you don't post much in the way of new content and then suddenly see them shoot so far of the scale they make previous stuff look irrelevant.

It's just that:
1 August has been a bad month for me, for the most part.  Tried out a new medication and part of what I had to say afterward was that it was kind of hard to tell if it was helping because I think if a healthy person lived this month they'd be feeling like shit too.
2 Said new medication seems to have interfered with my sleep, which means that until taking steps to try to combat that earlier this week I was getting tireder and tireder every day.  Which is not helpful on a writing front.  It is helpful if one has always wanted cause to randomly lay down on the floor, but I don't know many people like that.
3 This is the month when hope kind of sort of dies.  All of my plans for the summer, which then became my plans  for shorter and shorter periods, and finally became my plans for, "Before the end of August," are about to be my failed plans.
4 My computer is not here.  I have two computers, broken in different ways, that I can use.  The other one doesn't connect to the internet.
5 I don't think this computer can play Deus Ex.
6 I have a family.  (They can be very, very aggravating.)
7 There are some things I want or need to get done that take me away from here.
8 Stuff.

So I've been wanting to write stuff, really haven't had much in the way of ability.

Today I'm going to try to get a sort of theme post written for Deus Ex, but first I need to read through things and make sure I'm not just repeating myself.  We'll see how that goes.  Thursday I'll probably be away from the computer much of the day, hopefully in a good way.  Friday I'll try to get a .hack post.

After that, who knows, there's been significant catching up that I've wanted to do on all of the following:
A World Without God
Edith and Ben
Not Even the Angels in Heaven
Skewed Slightly to the Left
Snarky Twilight
Where Antichrists Come From


The medication appears to be helping, which is good, but it'll be kind of hard to tell until I get back to sleeping right for long enough to not be out of it on account of tiredness rather than depression.


* Speaking of that, it has occurred to me that, on the team level if not the romance level, Sneakers is very much the kind of thing I'd like to see more of.  [Spoilers for Sneakers but as I point out every time I mention it, if you haven't seen it yet watch it.  Click the link, buy it, wait for it to come, watch it, then read the last sentence of the footnote.]  With the exception of a short opening for Marty, the whole movie takes place with the team already together, functioning as a team, doing impressive things, and not being killed off or broken up by the end.

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  1. ObSeeYourReferenceAndRaise: The future? But that's where I keep all my stuff!

    I wish you good fortune. With the stuff, especially.

    Agreed on Sneakers. Also Buckaroo Banzai.