Friday, August 3, 2012

Fuck it, we're rescheduling my birthday

Ok, so in the time since I wrote out the title for this post things turned around enough that it ended, well will have ended (future perfect, it's a tense), on a high note.  There's not a lot that watching Sneakers on a big projector won't take the edge off.

That said, enough of the day was spent crappily that I stand by my initial thought which is that the first try went wrong, clearly we're not ready yet, let's try again another day.

I don't know when yet, but clearly today wasn't the right day.  So sometime in the near future maybe give this thing a second try.


I did want to give thanks for the person whose secret identity I now know.  For more than half the day your part in it was the only thing that went right, and there were sort of layers of surprise and gratitude as I figured out just what happened.  So thanks for that.


  1. Happy birthday, when ever you decide it should be!

  2. Happy birthday!