Monday, August 13, 2012

So my brain isn't exactly working at the moment

Remind me why I do this, because at the moment everything seems kind of pointless.

Part of this is because I haven't been able to make myself do more than a couple of bits of writing lately, and when I try to do more nothing comes.  But part of it is certainly that right now everything seems pointless.

Anyone remember what the point was?  What difference anything I do make?


  1. You make a difference to me.

    The corners of the blogosphere that we both frequent would be much poorer and less interesting without you. And I am still amazed at the imagination that can, apparently, toss off a dozen creative ideas in response to an idle comment, without breaking a mental sweat.

    Hang in there.

    If it's any comfort, I haven't been able to make myself do much of anything either, lately. You're not alone there either.

  2. You're convincing me that I need to watch .hack//sign.

  3. You make a difference to me, also. I enjoy reading your posts, even if I often can't think of anything to say.

    I'm sorry things are sucking so much for you at present. :(

  4. You have interesting things to say. And you inspire me to be interesting about Left Behind, which is something that had never occurred to me.

    Also: your monkey-brain is lying to you. It does this. Like phantom pains, when bits aren't working quite right they send anomalous signals that can't be distinguished from the real thing.

  5. Basically, what everyone else above me said.


  6. Sorry, late on this.

    Dude, your insights are incredibly valuable. You write fiction and nonfiction that makes us think and makes us laugh All. The. Time. And you just talk about random stuff and that's interesting and engaging too. And I like you in person, and my kids like you, and you have an impressive beard. I want all these things in my world.

  7. Adding to this: your posts, collected on Slacktivist, make my Monday mornings much more interesting. I frequently get good perspectives on things, and--as I keep reminding myself whenever *I* get into seriously-what's-the-point mode--anything that makes the workday a little easier for people to get through is an excellent thing.

  8. Without you, I could not be convinced that anything good could come out of Twilight. And you have great insight and the ability to ask the right questions all the time when you're writing.

    I would feel less developed and enlightened without you.

  9. I really like to read your stories. They can be warm and sweet and funny and thoughtful and sad. Like a previous commenter said, you are under no obligation to write, but when you do, it's beautiful. Thank you