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March 2012

The point of this, again, is to make it so one can navigate in a vaguely chronological way with somewhat more information on what they're clicking into than given by the post titles alone.

General Stories/Ideas for Stories:
A Totally Human Narrator - How not to write your opening if it's meant to be a twist when it turns out the narrator isn't human.  Would probably be an ok way to write it if the narrator is in fact human.

I never really figured out a good name for this one, but you know those stories in which any of the characters could potentially be an alien?  Pod people or replicants or The Thing or whatnot?  This is an idea for one of those stories.

Aliens vs. the Antichrist, initial thoughts and some dialog - Say the rapture happens, how do aliens respond? I completely forgot I had written this, by the way.

If all monster fiction were like zombie fiction - it was observed that while most monster fiction takes place in a world like our own to the point that, for example, people in vampire stories have a passing familiarity with the concept of the vampires, zombie fiction tends to take place in a bizarre alternate universe where the idea of zombies, or even zombie-like creatures, has never been thought up.  This is several extremely short things applying that same kind of selective ignorance to other monster stories.

Zombie Infection Mistaken for a Rabies outbreak, Idea - Someone thought that the reason zombie fiction takes place in zombie ignorant worlds is that the fiction being written (where it starts like a disease outbreak) doesn't work if people already know about zombies.  I offered this as one way such a thing could work.

Zombie Infection Mistaken for a Rabies outbreak, Attempt - Trying to put the idea into story form

Why Wizards Aren't on Youtube - A possible explanation for why wizards in the modern world would not immediately be exposed by people with cellphone cameras.

A Pawn Makes All the Difference - Basically an attempt to provide a justification for an outsider being able to save the day without making that outsider into someone who is better than the natives.  As explained to said outsider, by a native, over a game of chess.

Female Mal and Salt - I'm told that the main character and love interest in Salt were originally written as male and female respectively, yet they ended up being female and male.  That sort of thing gets me thinking about the potential to flip the gender of other characters.  This post was musing about making Mal, from Firefly, a female character.

How one might justify a constantly available love interest - In response to it being pointed out that the availability of the love interest in Captain America: The First Avenger made it seem that her only job was "love interest" I tried to come up with a way to justify such availability. (Doesn't work for the actual movie, but it might for something similar.)

What I would have done with Quarantine - The first of two posts where I say how I would have completely rewritten a movie I have not seen in order to have it be what I feel its trailer was crying out for it to be.

What I would have done with The Happening - The second of two posts where I say how I would have completely rewritten a movie I have not seen in order to have it be what I feel its trailer was crying out for it to be.

General Twilight based stuff:
Twilight with an expanded non-human population, some notes - As you might guess from the name, no story here.  More like some scribbled notes, but since they're typed you can actually read them.  It's about the idea that everyone in Twilight, save Bella, is "a vampire or a werewolf or a lizard person or something."

Edith and Ben stuff:
Meeting Jacqueline - Ben meets a friend from back before he stopped coming to Washington in the summer.

Catching up with Jackie - Ben and Jackie talk about what's been going on in their lives, and why Ben is back in Forks.

Snarky Twilight stuff:
Bible Quote - I was planning on going back through Twilight and bring Snarky Twilight from the beginning all the way up to the point where Ana's deconstruction currently is.  At the time of this writing, I've only done two installments toward that end.  This one, dealing with the Bible quote that begins Twilight...
Preface - and this one which covers the preface.

Exposition from Jacob - Jacob provides exposition, for that is why he is in the story.

From my slow trek through .hack//Sign:
First off I made an index, which is what you'll get if you click on the link above.

Why you play - We meet Sora, hear BT and Bear speculate why he plays, and hear why Tsukasa plays from Tsukasa himself.  I compare .hack//Sign to Twilight and say that I like how .hack handles apparent depression a lot better than how Twilight does.

Metaphysics - In which we meet Aura and discuss the metaphysics necessary to answer the seemingly simple question, "Is it possible to be unable to log out."  Expect passing references to Zeno's paradoxes and The Allegory of the Cave.

Just to see me fall - DVL, who does not have Tsukasa's best interests at heart, pushes Tsukasa in the right direction while Tsukasa would never go there on his own.  This is because Tsukasa is so afraid of being hurt that he'll avoid any good things for fear of the the pain that might come if they go wrong, where DVL, who wants to cause that very pain, needs to build him up because right now he's got nowhere left to fall.

Other stuff:
A Moderate Breakdown - I had a breakdown.
Breakdown update - More on the same topic, a few days later.

Salt Shakers and Regulation - Regulations on business put the power in your hands, a lack of regulation takes it out of your hands.  That's my position on it at least, and to illustrate I point to salt shakers.

On Pi and Tau - Elsewhere I've called this "an irrational defense of pi", perhaps I should have named the post that.  There is a movement out there to replace pi with tau (which is equal to two pi) on the grounds that tau is the more fundamental constant.  They're not wrong, the "irrational" above is more than just a pun, but I argue that pi should be kept because it feels better.  For one thing, because tau is the more natural choice, basically equivalent to the seemingly unbeatable opponent in every sports movie ever, pi is actually an underdog that's managed to somehow win in math, a field that doesn't favor underdogs.  For another, pi is more symbolically interesting.  Which is what most of the post talks about.

Things I don't understand - Four things I don't understand, none of them good.  That said, one of them took a turn for the better after I wrote about it.  She was allowed to compete after all.  I've been meaning to say something about that since I found out, but never got around to it.  I just looked it up, and the competition has ended.  She didn't win, but made it into the top 12.

A family meeting - Basically me venting about a stressful gathering.

I Want Big Government - I do.  So very big that it's able to maintain our infrastructure and able to deal with us without making us wait in line and... just read the post.


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