Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NRA: My arm is tired

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[The background is that everyone puts their hands on Rayford, and keep them there as he navigates the lesser known streets of Chicago in an attempt to get around the traffic jam created by World War III.  And as time goes on (and on, and on) the hands remain there.  Even though keeping your hand on the driver's shoulder isn't the most comfortable thing if you're in the back seat on the non-driver's side.  (Which someone had to be.)]
[Everything in italics is from the actual book.]

Rayford busied himself maneuvering his way through the incongruous traffic jams. Why were people out?  What did-
-they expect to see? Weren't they afraid of more bombs, or fallout?
“I need to get to the Chicago bureau office,” Buck said.

“You can use the car after we get to the church,” Rayford managed. “I need to get the word out about Bruce.”
Rayford relied on his many years in the Chicago area-
-to use back roads and side streets to get around the major thoroughfares, which were hopelessly clogged.
Rayford wondered if he should have taken Buck up on his offer to drive.
But Rayford had not wanted to appear weak.
Rayford knew-
-his life could be even worse.
He could hardly imagine not having come to know and love Bruce Barnes.
"First off, that's not at all slash inducing.  Second: Dad."
He had learned more and been enlightened and inspired more by Bruce than anyone else he'd ever met.
"Nice to know that I'm not inspiring, but seriously I have something to say."
And it wasn't just Bruce's knowledge and teaching that made the
It was his passion.
(Annoyed:) "What?"
"This is a really awkward and uncomfortable position and my arm's been protesting for a while now.  I'm tired and achy and I'd really like to stop putting my hand on your shoulder.  Have you reached the point where I can stop reassuring you without you collapsing into a crying ball, or must this discomfort continue?
"Also, the guys with the guns, you know: the two guards by the overpass, they seem to be waving at you.  Or possibly pointing and laughing about the guy who can't drive a car without three people holding him from different angles, but I think it's them trying to get your attention."


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[Correction, this is a Nicolae Rise of the Antichrist (NRA) post, not a Tribulation Force post.  Welcome to the new book.]

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