Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skewed Slightly to the Left - Excerpt from a secret meeting

[Originally posted at Slacktivist (page 2) and The Slacktiverse.]
[Remember the meeting in Trib Force where the President of the United States randomly revealed his plans to Buck for no reason whatsoever? If it's ever rewritten for Skewed Slightly to the Left this should be in it.]

Fitzhugh: “You're one of our most useful assets.”

Cameron: “I tell you what's in the news, you could get the same information from CNN. I give you memos, but they aren't exactly classified. I don't even have a security clearance.”

Fitzhugh: “You sell yourself short. You tell us what they don't want reported and that's very useful indeed. That thing in Kansas City is something we never would have found out about without you, and that was major.”

Cameron: “What was happening in Kansas City?” (He knew there was a coverup, he never knew what it was a cover up of.)

Fitzhugh: “Do you want to have to keep that secret?” (Serious question, he will tell Cameron if Cameron says, "Yes.")

Cameron: [thinks about it] No. No, I don't. [pause] On that note, this could be a trap for all I know...

Fitzhugh: That's always a risk.

Cameron: We've been ordered not to report on the myriad shortcomings of the New Babylon construction. One of them that we uncovered before the order came down was that the antiaircraft... uh... stuff in the northwest isn't working.

Fitzhugh: That could be very useful.

Cameron: Or it could be a trap.

Fitzhugh: We'll look into it.

[Cameron tries, again, to convince Fitzhugh not to do this now. Any time but now. Fitzhugh tries to convince Cameron to use the control of the world's media he's been handed against the person who gave it to him. (Bite the hand that feed you. You know you want to.) The farewell, which is to almost the entire remaining (former) White House staff has a surprising amount of hugs in it, and Cameron realizes that none of them expect to live. They hope to win, but even if they win they don't expect that they personally will survive to see the victory. Cameron feels like a coward.]


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