Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sea Lions

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[The underwater kingdom in The Little Mermaid has various predators in it, dolphins and octopi for example. One possibility is that they've learned to live with the fact that part of the population eat other parts of the population, which might help to explain why Ariel has so little trouble likeing the fish eating humans. Another possibility is that Triton's kingdom has found a way to have a stable non-borked predator heavy ecosystem without anyone eating anyone else.]

Simba: "But, dad, don't we eat the antelope?"
Mufasa: "Yes, we do, and it sucks for them that they have to die horrible painful violent deaths, but Triton lord of the merpeople refuses to share the secret of maintaining a healthy carnivore-heavy ecosystem without hurting anyone. The jerk. If I had gills I'd swim down there and rip his throat out. [Pause, while Mufasa reflects on how much this gets to him; he's usually not this murderously angry about stuff.] Anyway, that's not important. When we die our bodies become grass and the antelope eat the grass."
Simba: "So everyone eats everyone?"
Mufasa: "That's about the size of it, son. It does not have to be this way, but that damned half fish keeps the secret of ... I'm sorry, you probably want us to get to the song."
Simba: "Yeah."
[Musical number]

Completely bizarre idea:
Alternate universe crossover story. Mufasa sends Scar on an expedition to steal the secret of not needing to eat animals from Triton. Scar is portrayed exactly the same way he is in The Lion King but now he's a protagonist leading the savanna equivalent of a special forces team on an aquatic adventure. (And by adventure I mean, in all likelihood, action movie. Scar uses violence and manipulation to get what he wants, after all.) The hyaenas are definitely in on this because they're hungry. The only thing that needs to be figured out is how the animals from The Lion King are able to breathe under water.

What magic character who would be morally opposed to hording food related secrets could visit the savanna?

[The original thread is definitely worth reading. The name Sea Lions comes from Froborr, ]

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  1. I've always adored see lions. They are sweet and loving creatures. If it's not too much I'd like to have one for a pet.