Friday, November 18, 2011

The Next Out Of Left Field Mass Market Boom - Additional thoughts

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[Ana Mardoll wrote:
It's worth noting that HP and Twilight both featured supernatural/magic elements and a "normal" YA protagonist that stumbled into same. And also turned out to be super-secret magical special. And angsted a lot about the opposite sex. Can someone knit all that into the Indy plot above?]

The reason that the teenager was chosen as apprentice is actually that he is the chosen one, as demonstrated by him fulfilling the prophecy of the frying pan.

Or maybe it occurred to mentor and then he shook his head, decided there was no way, and then took on the teen as apprentice anyway. But it turns out that teen really is the chosen one and he can... yeah no idea. I'd like it if he could see the world in a different way, something that seems normal until you realize OMG awesome magic.

I've got it, (it's nothing like what I just said) he can see magic but never knew it before because his glasses are opaque to magic and so he only found out when his glasses were knocked off while there was magic going on. (Before that it happened with him seeing things out of the corner of his eye but then when he looked his glasses got in the way and everything seemed normal.) When he gets special lenses that aren't opaque to magic he's able to use this power all the time.

As for the opposite sex, in addition to normal problems he's never in one place for very long, which makes things very difficult, and he doesn't have much to talk about because you can't really open up with, "Well I'm just in town to fight some Eldritch abominations. Once that's done I'm planning on going a few countries south to see if I can find the actual Spear of Destiny."

So he's completely unsuccessful when it comes to dating and has serious angst. To top it all off the only member of the opposite sex he does see regularly is a water nymph who may or may not be evil. (I have a temptation to add something about an ancient feud because either he or his mentor is descended from Odysseus and for whatever reason the children of Poseidon still hold a grudge.)


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