Monday, January 30, 2017

Raptor's State (super universe)

[Raptor's team, less Raptor herself, previously appeared here.]

In theory you can't outlaw an entire class of people within the United States.  In practice there are ways and the federal government doesn't know whether it's coming or going, so the the states tend to get free reign.

On the premise that powers can be at least as dangerous as firearms, the state passed a law that powers must be registered.  (No, the state does not require firearms to be registered.)  The state also made registration effectively impossible.  You can try, but it will work out badly for you.  Especially given that, until the process is complete, you're unregistered and thus in violation of the law.

The result is that anyone who is discovered to have powers is breaking the law, and the penalties are harsh.

The prisons and youth detention centers they face are entirely different from those "ordinary" people are sent to because people with powers can't be disarmed.  With the exception of a few model detention facilities that exist so the system can be shown off as humane, use of force by guards is never questioned, there is hardly any oversight, no one blinks at years being added to a sentence without good reason, and if an inmate "disappears" there will be no investigation.

The prisons are a mix of state run and private facilities, and the persistent rumors that inmates are being experimented on are never subject to investigation.

After prison, assuming one gets out, the very lucky ones (powerful family connections help) are eventually allowed to roam, sort of, freely but restricted from a great many public areas, constantly tracked, and forced to wear identification that they have powers because, even registered, concealed powers are illegal.

The rest of those who got to be discharged are sent to power-only communities that they are not allowed to leave without proper permits (which are usually impossible to get.)  It sort of goes without saying that public services in these communities tend to be extremely underfunded.  The places also tend to be overcrowded, with any open areas converted to shanty towns.

- - -

Hate crimes against those with powers generally go unreported (since reporting would mean admitting, to the police, that you have powers) and even when they are reported tend to go unsolved.  When solved, most don't result in convictions.  What few convictions there are tend to carry with them very light sentences.

In essence, just about anyone can do whatever they want to someone with powers and be almost entirely sure they'll get away with it.  And they generally don't need to fear reprisal because that would bring the powered individual into the notice of law enforcement.

- - -

"Community Service" is the only way to escape all of this.  What it means is, basically, "Why don't you get yourself shot so normal people don't have to?  It's not like your life is worth as much as a police officer's."

The exact details vary based on who it is conscripting individuals, but the general arrangement is that those who are offered (or forced to take) this option are provided food and lodging (not pay) and are required to fight the fights the police don't want to fight.  Supervillains obviously make that list, but so do situations where it's simply more dangerous than the authorities wish to deal with.

Some of the service groups are left to regulate themselves, others have strict oversight.  Some jurisdictions like to "recruit" their disposal powered individual unit members young, so that they can be thoroughly indoctrinated.  Some don't give a damn what the individuals think, so long as they get the job done and stay away from "normal" people.

Forcing these individuals to work without pay is considered morally fine.  Calling it slavery is considered extremely morally objectionable.

For a city or country to have child soldiers fight their fights for them is perfectly reasonable.  Saying that child soldiers are child soldiers is simply beyond the pale.


  1. Wow, it's like they're trying to create a Magneto type villain. (Retconned Magneto that is.)

    1. So, pointing at my public history of this setting bit, The Resistence is strongest in places like this because:
      a) They're the people who are willing to pull out all the stops to fight such government
      b) They totally said this is exactly what was going to happen.