Sunday, January 22, 2017

I now have a Patreon account, the better to take your money

Short version: Here is a link.  You can now give me money on a monthly basis, which paypal always and without fail managed to screw up whenever someone attempted such a thing.

- - -

So I've been asked more than once if I had such a thing, and I finally got around to making one.

I honestly have no idea what I'll do with it.  This is where I collect my writings, I guess maybe rough drafts (because things here are so polished) meta notes, talking about things I plan to do that won't ever come to fruition, stuff that isn't good enough for here maybe?

That all sounds . . . kind of crap, doesn't it?

But, that's the thing, I don't want what I write to be behind a paywall, so there shouldn't be too much that I can actually justify sticking there in the patron only section.

The worst that comes from not becoming my patron is I don't have the first poem of my book being a dedication to you so that you, Cornelius Nepos, will be remembered for all time even though your own works have long since been lost you might have to wait until posts are actually ready to be posted at Stealing Commas in order to read them (because it's not like you're already doing that or something) and you might not get your hopes up when I make some patron post saying, "I think I'll do X" when I totally will fail to even begin thinking about forming an exploratory committee dedicated to feeling out the possibility that I might eventually get started on doing X.

So, there's really no reason to go over there and sign up to give me money.  Wanna go over there and sign up to give me money?  If you do, this is the link.

Also I think I'm going to need to look around for the sparkle duck so I can have a picture instead of an annoying, over large, gray area at the top.


  1. My two cents is to post drabble fiction at the Patreon, MAYBE edit it up a little (optional step), then post it here at a time delay of a month. That way you're not "paywalling" content so much as offering "exclusive early access" to subscribers.

    That's what I'm planning to do with my stuff and I think most people understand that the Patreon is about supporting you, not about having stuff that no one else ever gets ever. We all understand crowd-funding now, I think. <3

    I do absolutely think your Ben and Edith posts would be beautiful over there, and would give you a backlog of content before you have to start creating "new" stuff. And definitely not just because I want to read Ben and Edith again and again. (Okay, maybe a LITTLE bit because that, ha.)

  2. You misspelled Patreon in your title. Of course lots of people call it Patron, but...

    1. Also "your." I'm totally that person right now, sorry...

    2. Fixed and fixed, but the errors shall live on in the web address forever.

  3. Also, what Ana. She is wise.

    I can edit stuff often. Maybe people can edit each other's stuff? Maybe there are threads for that already somewhere? I should probably check...