Sunday, January 8, 2017


So I got the oil the day after I got back because delivery was mercifully speedy.  There was some trouble at the beginning of the day because after much searching and frustration I realized that I had left the Christmas money out of state and so would fall short of what I needed.

Having found a five dollar bill I didn't know I had, and change to pay for the after the decimal point part of the bill, I found myself exactly 42 dollars short.  No amount of searching my house helped because I've kind of already used up all money that can be found that way.

I did, however, eventually realize that it's the beginning of the damned month and I've been too distracted to do any real bill paying.  Meaning there was money in my bank.  (The money I left out of state can be conscripted to pay for the other bills the money in the bank would have.)

My bank is helpfully located across a street from me.  Not across the street, but rather across the street that one will come to if one walks to the end of the street (by which I mean my street.)  Directly across said street because staggering side-streets (such as the one I live on) is a way to stop stupid people from speeding across Main Street without checking to see if they'll end up in a T-bone-ing accident.

So I got the 42 dollars (which took two tries because the ATM ate my ATM card in spite of belonging to the same bank as the ATM) and had the money for oil without needing to impose on my stressed-the-Hell-out family. Which was good since I'd already ordered it and was really worried that the oil would come but I wouldn't be able to pay.

Eventually the oil did come and the house got heat.  The house slowly heated, my toes did not.  Past cold, mostly skiing but walking two hours to and from university multiple days a week for years on end likely didn't help, has fucked up my toes.  Possibly my chest as well, but that has the advantage of being located core-adjacent and so doesn't suffer from the heating and circulation problems that toes do.

And thus I took a shower.  Warm to hot water can do wonders.

Trouble is, in all of this I managed to fuck up my scheduling.  As mentioned, if I'm not sick, and not so sleep deprived to be on the verge of passing out, I wake with dawn and stay up through the light.

That means that if I get to sleep late I don't compensate by sleeping late, I just end up with not enough sleep.  So I've been a bit fucked up on account of that, which is why I didn't have a post two days ago saying, "Yup, I've got heat now."

Of course my post three days ago saying I didn't have heat did mention that I had already secured money to pay for oil, so hopefully no one was unduly worried.
It is by oil that I set my heat in motion.
It is by burning carbon that the water turns to steam.
The water turns to steam, the radiators commence their warming.
It is by oil that I set my heat in motion.
I know warmth.

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