Thursday, January 26, 2017

Stuff at Patreon

So, I've got a few posts over there.  Three at the moment.

This will only be of interest to people who are actually patrons as they're behind the scary pay wall.  Don't worry, they'll come here, where they're completely free, eventually.  But the thing is, people who are paying me, you're paying me.  So you might want to go over there and have a look at the posts that you get to see before anyone else on account of you paying me.


For everyone who has pledges (so one dollar a month and up) I released an episode of my A Family Matter plot-line with Corv, Enzie, and the rest.  It's actually the first thing I wrote, but the story hasn't caught up to it yet.


Then I remembered that I promised to let people who donated $5 a month and up to get first crack at things.  So, here's what happened:

I set out to write an overview of the various hero teams I've introduced.  I failed.  Utterly.  This is even considering the fact that what I was going for was merely a draft so rough that I wouldn't post it here until it had seen serious revision.  And you've all seen how much revision some of the stuff I post here needs.

So it was a very low bar and I tripped over it.  But I tripped over it into something.  I ended up writing a character bio for Corv.  I'll want to clean it up some before it migrates over here.  I'll probably also want to just have one post that includes character bios for her entire team.

That could be difficult because my post here that introduced them presented them through Enzie's rather incurious eyes.  That means that I haven't had to really tackle things that Enzie didn't consider interesting.

For just one example: Icelos, real name Sam.  How does he feel about being able to pass for (Census Bureau term) non-Hispanic-white.  How does he deal with people who are jerks (intentionally or not) regarding his dwarfism.  (Proportionate, probably the result of untreated HGH deficiency, but never had a proper diagnosis.)  How has being a Pagan in a community that's 93% Christian (70% Roman Catholic) shaped his life?

On that last point, for comparison the US at large is only about 70% Christian and no denomination dominates that 70%.  Also, non-Christian religions, while 6% of the overall population, account for only 1% of the Hispanic/Latino population.


Finally, also following the $5 dollar mark gets first view style, I did a shared character bio for the Knights Errant and Erratic (members of Page's superhero team) and this time I did the character bio on purpose.

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