Friday, October 21, 2016

Vergil overused superlatives but he was not on the level of Trump

[Originally posted at Slacktivist after people were talking about Trump's excessive use of superlatives.]

Vergil overused superlatives and thus we have other Latin poets mocking that, but it wasn't directed at himself and it wasn't nearly as frequent and he was Vergil so he had some points in his favor.

He didn't write:

Muse, take the day off, I can speak of Arms and the Man better than anyone. I have the greatest knowledge of Arms. Nobody knows weapons like I do. And as for the Man, I am the man. Aeneas and I are like twins, except I'm smarter and better looking. No one can tell the story of Aeneas the way I can tell the story of Aeneas...

And so on.

Someone probably did write that. Someone who got lost to history because they fucking deserved to be forgotten.

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