Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Correction: The police lied about more than I thought, which means the neighbors did slightly fewer bad things than I thought

My sister still isn't ready to go public with everything, so I'm still holding back a lot of details.  It's also the case that I haven't been given every clarification I would like because there are other more pressing matters than providing me with a complete play by play of the entire convoluted mess.

However it is the case that I may have previously indicated here or elsewhere (or both) --I'll have to check-- that the neighbors lied to the police in such a way as to get my sister held at gun point, her door kicked down, her boyfriend tased and taken to jail, and her three year old son thrown to the ground, --all of which is perfectly true and accurate-- and then once that had happened the neighbors called a plethora of other agencies in hopes that the fact the house was now doorless, my sister was now in trouble with police, her boyfriend was now in jail, and her three year old had now been thrown would cause the other agencies to take action they otherwise wouldn't --and that part needs correction.

After the neighbors lied to the police (and the police bought in so much that they broke many of their own rules ending up in a totally avoidable situation where one officer found himself holding a gun to the belly of a woman who was six months pregnant) they sort of sat things out for a bit while watching with their patio.  None of the statements made to police or others indicate whether or not they had popcorn.

As previously noted, when my sister indicated that she was an unarmed pregnant woman, instead of an unarmed woman whose fat distribution merely resembled pregnancy, the officer switched to a taser.

Not previously noted is that he pretended to go along with her suggestion to discuss things calmly in the driveway until she was on the enclosed porch (she was getting her boyfriend, who had gone inside when a man with a gun came onto the property not like a police officer but instead like an angry neighbor, so that he could come outside to talk to the officer who was by now well lit enough to be recognized as an officer) then revealed his somewhat different plan, trapped her on the porch and put the taser back to her belly.  Because . . . Jasper?

As previously noted he eventually decided to move passed her, not request that her boyfriend leave the house, and instead kick in the door.  The door, I'm pretty sure, was unlocked.

Then was the whole thing about throwing the three year old to the ground and tasing my sister's boyfriend before arresting him for . . . nothing.  Seriously.  About the only thing that all parties agree on at this point was that the claim of trespassing that brought the police to the property was entirely fraudulent and the neighbors were in fact the ones trespassing when they threatened to kill the pigs, not my sister's boyfriend when he didn't threaten to do anything.

So . . .


Breathe in; breath out.

After that it was not the neighbors who called all and sundry agencies the first time.  My sister told the police that she believed they had used excessive force and would use the legal system to act upon this belief (because we do not live in an action movie, otherwise all of this would have been finished in less than week.)

It was at this point, immediately after learning that they were looking at legal proceedings regarding excessive force, that the police, not the neighbors, called all and sundry agencies.  Now, to be clear, even they admit that what they did was bullshit.

For example, they told the people who could (and did) take away the three year old that my sister's boyfriend had been holding a machete to the neighbors while they (the police) looked on.  In their own police report they said that nothing of the sort happened, every single one of the neighbors likewise indicated that nothing of the sort had happened and further noted that they were all more than a hundred feet away at the time either on the patio (again, no mention of whether this is with or without popcorn) or inside the house.  When I said "About the only thing that all parties agree on" this was the reason for the "about".  The police, the neighbors, my sister, her boyfriend, and pretty much everyone else who was involved, even merely in a documenting statements capacity, agrees that the police lied in order to get my sister's three year old taken away.

Even the people who took the three year old on the basis of this admitted lie admit that it was a lie.  (They also noted that my sister wasn't supposed to have gotten a copy of that particular lie and was only supposed to have been given the later, revised, version of the lie in which people got together to make sure their stories agreed.  Oops.)

So the corrections:
It was not the case that the neighbors were the first to call code enforcement after the incident.  The police called code enforcement under the claim that my sister was improperly running a junk yard.  My sister does not own a junk yard and the code enforcement guy was befuddled as to what he was doing there.

The neighbors repeatedly called code enforcement back, but unlike the police they made sure to give passable reasons, even if the excuses could use some work ("I forgot that the car was registered, honest.  I keep calling you about them having too many unregistered vehicles on the property because I keep on forgetting about the vehicles being registered.")  And yes, they did take pains to document and report how long it takes to replace a door when you're being beset on all sides by people trying to ruin your life, but that was only after the police made the call.

Now that time that they smashed down the back wall of the tractor garage and then called code enforcement due to the lack of a wall before my sister could call the police due to them smashing down the fucking wall . . . that was all them.

It is not the case that the neighbors called DHHS to get my sister's three year old taken away on the basis that the house had no door, her boyfriend was in jail, and she was in trouble with the law.  The Police called DHHS to get my sister's three year old taken away on the basis of things they admit to be lies.

I think the neighbors have been contributing to the ongoing efforts to keep my sister's three year old, Jensen, away from her, but only insofar as they've been asked things on account of being neighbors.

It is not the case that the neighbors called the animal welfare people to try to shut down my sister's farm on the basis of "bwha!?"  The police did that and no one really knows what rationale they presented.

In fact, rather than using legal avenues, the neighbors are trying to shut down the farm by blackmailing my mother into "getting rid" of all the animals.  They seem to have forgotten, however, that blackmail requires that you have the dirt on someone and the only dirt on my mother is potting soil.

It is not the neighbors fault that all of these people (and possibly more, I haven't actually done a head count) arrived at the same time.  The police did that even though it meant interrupting someone on his lunch break just before he could take the first bite of his sandwich.

Any and all other agencies called to the scene were probably called by the police after they learned about the excessive force thing, not by the neighbors after they successfully got the police to do their dirty work for them.


So, those are the corrections.

I apologize for any bad information that I stated or implied.  It's kind of hard to talk about because I'm still not in a position where I've been authorized to give all the details, and when I do get information it usually isn't when I'm in a position to get clarification because for almost two months now the situation has seriously been, "The sky is falling, we have to build shelters, but if we pick up tools with which to build them we might get shot for 'being threatening'."

As an example:

Custody of Jensen is still an open question and the group with the most power apparently favoring the idea of punting Jensen to New York (state, not city) where he would be looked after by someone who spent the first three and a half years of Jensen's life (Jensen isn't four yet, so consider how little time that leaves for him to be acting differently) denying he had any relation to Jensen (and has neglected Jensen every time he's had control over Jensen) and (because that guy is homeless and the only member of his family who cares about Jensen lives in a home that wouldn't pass inspection) someone who has avoided the responsibilities of raising a child so long and so well that he managed to become a grandfather without ever doing any actual child rearing.

So .  .  . that's scary.  As are a lot of the details I'm not allowed to share yet.

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