Thursday, October 13, 2016

Snarky Narnia: Ahoshta and the Tisroc after Rabadash leaves

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[The only previous Snarky Narnia to speak of is here.]

Ahoshta: Bye Bye, Prince!

Tisroc: Have fun storming the castle!

*once Rabadash is out of the room*

Ahoshta: Think it'll work?

Tisroc: It would take a miracle.


Tisroc: It, of course, goes without saying that I didn't send my son to his almost-certain doom.

Ahoshta: Of course.

Tisroc: And this meeting never happened.

Ahoshta: I'm not even convinced I'm standing here.

Tisroc: Of course if he dies then the throne would pass to Secundus.

Ahoshta: Since I am not standing here, and we are not having this meeting, I do not fear reprisal for my reaction of: ugh. Still, better than Septimus.

Tisroc: Most are better than Septimus. I have 18 sons, doubtless we can winnow them to an acceptable field of successors by the time I am ready to pass on.

Ahoshta: Inasmuch as this meeting is not taking place, know that I do not have an library filled with directions to nigh suicidal adventures that irksome princes might find interesting.

Tisroc: Inasmuch as this meeting is not taking place, know that that is not why I like you so much.

Ahoshta: Thank you, sire. Now I fear I must go, for I have other places to not be. In your service of course.

Tisroc: Of course. Go and don't do the things you shouldn't do while not in the places that you shouldn't be.

Ahosta: To hear is to obey


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