Friday, June 3, 2016

Primary computer is home and so am I

Primary computer wasn't feeling well.  Crashes for no apparent reason, ones that couldn't be reproduced even by doing the exact same thing, difficulty with USB devices that came and went and varied based on which port the device was plugged into, and finally the power coming not in a steady stream but in pulses.  Pulses that you could see if it was in a mode where plugged in and not plugged in states had different screen lightness settings.

I was going away for an extended time so even if it weren't becoming unusable (the pulses couldn't compete with the power drain of actually running, meaning it could be used for precisely one charge) it would have been a good time to send it in for repairs.

I got back on the same day I am writing this, June 2nd, and so did my computer.  It arrived at the store today, made it through their inventory before I made it back, and was ready for pick up as a slight detour off my route to the bus station.

Apparently primary computer was pretty well fucked.  The motherboard had to be replaced which . . . that's never happened to me before.  Usually when it gets that bad they just scrap the computer and give you a store credit for a new one.  The mother board, the operating system drive (a small solid state affair), and the power jack all had to be replaced.

The operating system drive being kaput means I'm going to have to reinstall a metric fuckton of stuff because that's the drive you install programs onto.  I've just now gotten my email client (Thunderbird) back up and running with my thankfully backed up profile which means I can tell you exactly how long my computer was away: 865 emails.

Not that I didn't get those emails previously, though one about a one day deal that I totally would have taken got overlooked, it's just that I like having my body of email in a single place so when I use the secondary computer to check email I make sure to leave the emails on the server so that they'll make it onto primary eventually.

Anyway, primary computer back and my fingers are loving its keyboard.  It's not the thing my fingers love most in the world --far from it-- but it's good to have it back.


  1. I found your mysterious alien video! Audien feat. Lady Antebellum - Something Better.


    1. Um, this is mostly testing to see if the reply to comment feature is working because the comment below where I thanked you --because that's definitely the video and finding it is awesome, as are you-- was supposed to be a reply to your comment.

    2. Well, it works, but now I'm just confused. I totally did the same thing both times but got very different results.

      Anyway, thanks.