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Life After Index, revised

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Short version of what this story is:

Temporal meddling causes teleportation to go wrong which dumps Kim in the afterlife, lets the less savory portions of the afterlife escape to earth, and leaves the only people who know what went wrong (Kim's daughter, Shin, and Shin's nemesis, Jacob) trapped in a world entirely unlike the one they know thanks to a quarter century of supernatural temporal divergence.

That make sense?

Somewhat longer version:

In 2029 Shin and Jacob declare a truce when Jacob realizes his interim boss is trying to change 2004 which would would result in a timeline where Jacob (and Shin) were never born.  They fail to stop the past from being meddled with, but do manage to avoid being erased by the changes.  Now they have to survive in a world dominated by decay and death, and --if they can do that-- try to somehow set things right.

In 2004 while Ron Stoppable lays unconscious after a talent show bit gone wrong, Kim disappears from the face of the earth entirely, and a hole is punched through reality letting malevolent forces from the afterlife run rampant through the school.  With Team Possible sidelined others step up to try to defend those in the school and, hopefully eventually, the rest of the world.

Meanwhile Kim is unceremoniously dumped in the afterlife and left to avoid the unfriendly dead, try to find the friendly dead, and finally attempt to get back to earth.

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The Story

The story so far:
  1. Allhalowtide (or The world changed on us)
    • Part I: Things Fall Apart
      1. Time Changes - In 2029 Shin and Jacob are present at a ritual that changes time.  In 2004 Tara and Josh step up to do whatever they can with Kim missing, Ron unconcisious, and ver bad things happening.  Kim has no idea where she is and just wants to get back to what she knows.
      2. Dying Light - In all three times and places, people have a firmer grasp on the situation, but are left struggling to survive.
      3. If we can make it through the night - Nightime itself seems intent on killing Jacob and Shin, with everyone else safely in the shelter Tara, Ron, and Bonnie have to find a way to save Josh, and Kim is on the run from the dead but running out of energy. 
    • Part II: Another day older
    • Part III: Culmination
  2. Long November (or The new mother nature taking over)
  3. Come Together (or The advent of a tangential narrative)
  4. Empires Fall (or The old world washed away)
  5. New Beginning (or Foundation of the new world)
Scattered bits and pieces largely focusing on Mag, while she's unconscious, and her group - sort of an attempt to return to my roots by just writing the parts that resonate a the moment and skipping the stuff that doesn't.

Actual Dancing, not "Dancing" - This scene is very near the end to the point that the context needed to set it up counts as spoilers for the whole story. Jacob tries to clarify that he meant real dancing, not a euphemism for something else, when he said the word but when it turns out that Kim had no idea the euphamism even existed ... Jacob and Mag's explanation runs afoul of Kim's extreme ability to get embarrassed.

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Asking for help with afterlifey things as a prelude to writing the story.

Metapost on the setting - I talk about decay, regrowth, cycles, and how that underlies the the metaphysics of the story.

Thing where I note that I didn't make the deadline - honestly it's probably for the best.  All of the installments were rushed, and the one that would have come next if I'd finished it in time was rushed, shortened, and butchered to a horrific degree.

The Sierpinski triangle and the structure of Life After - I was not nearly awake enough when I wrote this.  I doubt it makes much sense.  Life After is structured based on threes in a vaguely fractal way such that each "motion" in the story is an iteration less than the one before it; this post is about that.

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