Monday, June 6, 2016

Things I need or want

Food.  I don't get more food money until the 12th.

Elastics.  Very surprised to find that I have none readily available.

$273 for property insurance by the 17th.

A water filter of some form or other that can be used at Lonespark's because my body requires copious fluid intake to avoid dehydration but the water quality there disagrees with me.

Glass pitchers and general glass fluid storage containers.

An ice cube tray that can survive Lonespark's freezer.  (My own freezer is covered.)


Light summer type clothes.

A decent power strip or two.

A working washing machine.


Wire for when twine isn't strong enough but rope is too big.

Possibly rope as well while we're at it.

New glasses.

An eye exam (preferably before the new glasses.)


More hours in the day.

A water bottle.  (Or more than one.)


CAD software.  (I'm used to Alibre, now Geomagic)

Silicone mold making material (I generally prefer Alumilite.)

Polyurethane casting material (ditto.)

(It's been years, so many I've lost track, since I made anything.)

Hedge trimmers, the ones with the long handle that give you lots of leverage.

(No, I don't have a hedge.  I just live in New England.)

Wood, nails, and time so I can make things like the aforementioned shelving.

A drill because family type people seem to have taken the ones that were here.

A tri wing screwdriver because the weasel's Wii U pad needs to be taken apart, cleaned, cleansed, purged, and possibly exorcised, and then put back together because . . . damn.





That paint that's normally clear but fluoresces in a given color under UV.

In the unlikely event I get the above, a UV only flashlight; blacklights.

Decent flashlights in general.

A supercomputer.

Good pens.

That model unicorn (well ... that model of model unicorn) that I had as a kid.  The one that had to be bought at least twice because I took it with me everywhere and the hooves kept breaking off.

A new couch or the materials required to fix the one I have.

Every Godzilla movie ever on disk.  Preferably those ones (if they still exist and/or the practice has continued into the Blu Ray era) where you can choose between the American and Japanese versions (a lot more changed than the dubbing.)  Obviously I'd need the Japanese versions have an optional English sub as I am not currently able to understand Japanese.

A lack of melancholy.


Nice notebooks.

A new pocketbook of my own design.

A deck of tarot cards and the knowledge of how to use them, because why not?

Clear memories from that time I studied Norse divination.

(I might not believe in divination, but I find it interesting.)


One of those things that's tighter than a hair net but less rubbery than a bathing cap, for times when my hair needs to be kept the fuck out of the way.

A better mattress.

A walking-stick flute.  (I once got my mother one for her birthday from Serenity Bamboo Flute.)

A cloud to run interference for me on sunny days.

The determination, drive, and mental endurance needed to stick with things (playing guitar, skateboarding, word domination, C++ programming, parkour, cooking, drawing) through the "everything you do is shit" part of the learning process.

The ability to make my glasses repel liquid, or at least get rid of it quickly in the way duck-oil disposes of drops of water that have the temerity to try to stay on a duck.

A wearable wide spectrum camera hooked into a live heads up display so that I can see UV or infrared if I want to.

Ink.  And a syringe or something.  So that I can refill pens.


A donkey.

This thing.

My body to be uninjured for long enough to exercise enough to change the equilibrium point it tends toward because I know that one with less fat and more muscle than this feels a lot better to be living in.

The ability to stick with a story long enough to write a book.

An OLED 4k TV.


19mm transparent blue marbles that match the ones I have because I don't have enough marbles for the fucking game and non matching sets are aesthetically displeasing and blah.

An Allen wrench in the right size to replace the wheels on my kick scooter because it's probably been a year or something since I bought the replacement wheels and they're just sitting there: mocking me.

An adequate explanation for why the olives that Lonespark buys go with Phillips screwdrivers but the ones I buy have a five pointed star --that will cause a satanic freak out the moment a fundie really looks at one of the olives-- in place of the Phillips head drive.

Maybe a moped?

A place where I can do archery again, equipment to do archery.

Cups, glasses, and other drinking vessels to replace ones that I've broken in the "Oh my fucking God, THE WORLD IS ENDING!" stress-filled often-depressed time that was the last two or three years.

The ability to feel normal-sad/down/bad (at times when it is healthy to feel such) instead of the patterns of clinical depression it took half a lifetime to create and hardwire into my brain.

Multifaceted glass things that are all sparkly and make rainbows.

The equipment to do glass working.

The luck and prudence not to kill or maim myself should I ever get my hands on the previous.

An illustrator.

(The munchkin weasel wants me to be a writer, I tell her I am, she complains that I don't have an illustrator.  She's right, an illustrator would be desirable and even useful.  Might even help to break up the giant walls of text that are the things I write.)

The ability to throw a ball in a way that doesn't make people laugh.

A nearby freshwater --fucking leach free-- place to swim.

Someone to downhill ski with in the winter and the money and logistical necessities to make that skiing a reality.

Opportunities to use my kayak.  Because I have a fucking kayak.  I might want to canoe, but it's not like I have one of those.  My kayak, though, is right in the garage just waiting to be used.  It never is.  Not for years.

All of the knowledge of Latin and Ancient Greek that I have lost.

A Proto-Indo-European dictionary.

A USB keyboard.

A stable computer that runs Windows 98 because in spite of what microsoft may want you to believe compatibility mode Does Not Fucking Cut It.

Ceramic and glass bowls to replace all the ones I've broken over the past two years (see above.)

A nice, full size, modern Staunton chess set and matching board that uses magnets to make it so that bumping the board doesn't knock everything out of place.

Better insulation for my house.

Potting soil.

Pots.  The type you put potting soil in for the purpose of keeping plants.



Things and stuff.

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