Friday, June 17, 2016

Don't vote Odin, vote ...

Odin is running on  a platform of "I said I'd drive out the Ice Giants.  See any around here?  I keep my promises, vote for me.  (Look it up, it's a real thing.)  No word on the running mate.

About thirty seconds of brainstorming and we got this:

Opposition party is running Fenris and Hel.

Fenris: Do you feel like you've been bound by magic rope laws designed to oppress the oppressed on the whims of the oppressors?  Do you feel like you have to depend on the kindness of strangers to survive and without it you'd starve to death or worse?  I totally feel you pain.

Hel: The one percent goes to Valhalla to engage drinking, debauchery, and pastimes that are completely divorced from the struggles of real people.  I've always supported the other 99% and have done my best to make sure they get the best accommodations possible.  If you elect Fenris and me, I'll have even more power to fight for the 99%.


Maybe throw in an "Occupy Yggdrasil" movement or some such.

[Added:] Occupy Asgard is obviously an important part of Occupy Yggdrasil, but there are problems all over.

In a story that I haven't even begun to write a human in (voluntary) debt to Hel meets Loki and Sigyn.  This is after Loki was bound and put under the dripping venom.

The human actually came to talk to Sigyn, but before he leaves Loki helps the human with advice even though the effort necessary makes things (temporarily) much worse for him.

The human responds by saying a prayer (of his own invention) as his parting words to Loki, "May every bond be broken, and every sorrow soothed."

Lonespark has suggested that be the Campaign slogan of Fenris/Hel.


Random other note: Hel has an awesome "I was poor and had to work my way up," story.  She had to make a ship out of fingernails and toenails because no one would give her lumber.


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