Thursday, April 2, 2015

More about money

As I type this I'm away from home.  It's possible that I'm already out of oil and don't know it.  Yay.

I did get a donation and, thanks to it, I'm a hell of a lot closer to being able to put oil in the tank than I was before I made my last post.

That's not why I'm writing this.

The (passenger side) wiper came off Lonespark's car and, when the wiper-holder-arm-thing came down on the windshield without a wiper attached it cracked the windshield five or six times over.  I'm pretty sure of that number, by the way.  Definitely more than four cracks, definitely less than seven.

One of them runs laterally, stretching almost the full length of the windshield.

It's a catastrofuck waiting to happen, it needs to be fixed whether it can be paid for or not.  There's a hundred dollar deductible.  So the whole "paid for or not" thing comes down on the "not" side.

In addition, tomorrow Jesus dies, the day after Fred Clark re-posts about a very special Saturday*, and the day after that the Cadbury bunny lays some eggs.  The Easter bunny is broke.  There were kites at the store that the munchkin-weasel and the elder-weasel would have loved, but the Easter Bunny is broke.  And she needs to pay $100 that she does not have for the windshield.

And there are other problems that may be too much information to give out without asking first.

I want to help.  I keep on looking at the money that I do have in my Paypal account and wondering just how close I can cut things.  Lonespark helped me out a lot by buying food for me.  I really wish I could help her out now that she's in trouble, but the fact is that I don't have enough money to help myself.

Ugh.  And ugh.  And fuck.  And screw capitalism for necessities.  Food, housing, education, healthcare, things such as these shouldn't be things you need money for.

If we, as a people, weren't always skating on the edge of bankruptsy, hunger, homelessness, and so forth we would have money to spend on other things.  The weasels could have kites, the Easter bunny would not be broke, and THAT would be good for the economy and, by extension, good for capitalism.

But that's all theoretical.  Right now the problem is that the Easter bunny is broke, the windshield is cracked, and I can't help because I don't have enough money for oil.


* First written in 2010 the post has gone by multiple names:
2010 - Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
2011 - Easter Saturday
2012 - Holy Saturday
2013 - Holy Saturday
2014 - Holy Saturday

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  1. :(

    If I could do something, I would, but I don't have money either. Good luck. I'm rooting for you both.