Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mundane Messages (Left Behind)

[Originally posted at Slacktivist.]
[In canon Left Behind: "Rayford punched a few buttons to check for messages. He ran through three or four mundane ones, then..." no word on what the mundane messages were.]

"Irene, our friendship is over. What you did to Andrew is evil.
"How could you? You told a grieving child that his ...
"Andrew was sobbing!
"He's ten fucking years old, he's not even ready to be introduced to the concept of torture, much less eternal--
"What were you-- I mean, why?
"It doesn't matter. Never speak to me again."
"Hi. It's Mike. A pipe burst and a lot of stuff got water damaged and ... I've lost Chloe's current address and phone number. Could you help me get in contact with her again?"
Rayford deleted that message. Best friend since kindergarten? An obvious ploy to steal his daughter's virtue.
"Hey Irene, Marcie here. Just wanted to make sure that you got the message that the weekly meeting of the Doily Lovers' Club was rescheduled. It'll be Friday instead of Thursday. Same time, though."
"Mr. and Mrs. Steele, I understand that you feel very strongly about your religious beliefs and I would never think to suggest that you not share them with your son. However it is important that you impress upon Raymie that he is evaluated on what he has learned in school, not Sunday school.
"He is under no obligation to agree with what is taught in class, but if he wants good grades he must demonstrate that he has, in fact, learned what has been taught to him.
"Also, some of his remarks have been distressing the bigger dinosaur fans in his class."
"Ray? Jake. We still on for Tuesday?"

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