Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Possible Kim Possible Decon (Looking for your input)

As I've been taking a mostly random look around Kim Possible examining the things that I can use in my stories and thinking of what I can do differently, I've been thinking that I could post about it episode by episode.  It would be much faster than what I was doing with .hack (which I need to get back to), but still slow enough that I wouldn't just gloss over things because there are so many episodes (plus the two movies and maybe I could do some of the games.)

If it were popular there's even secondary media I could look at after finishing the series (the above mentioned games, a couple of short features in some magazines, choose your own adventure books ... Disney really knows how to squeeze every last drop out of a franchise.)

But before I get into what I might do after I finished (which is unlikely, .hack and Deus Ex have been stalled out for ages) there's an important question to be addressed: Should I even start?

There's no expense involved, the episodes are all available (getting ad revenue for streaming video is one of the ways to get profits out of a show almost a decade old) it's just a question of time and interest.

It would take more time, but it would also make the time I'm already using to look through episodes for fan fiction reasons more useful as it would go toward multiple projects.  I don't think that would be the problem.

The real problem is, would anyone be interested in it?  The thing is, Kim Possible has a lot going for it, sometimes it even unexpectedly does the sort of thing you'd do (Packbat mistook a joke from the show for my own because there's a similarity there) which can feel really cool, but it's honestly more likable for what it tries to be than what it actually is.

It's a show by adults about teenagers, that's always a risk.  It's a show by men about a strong girl character.  The choice of "men" and "girl" was deliberate.  Adult men trying to portray a teenage girl.  It's a show where, unless it's a lesson episode, we're expected to agree with the main character even though she's often wrong.

Taking a critical eye to Kim Possible would be harsh and I don't imagine many of the fans of the show would like that all that much.  At the same time why would people not interested in Kim Possible be interested in an episode by episode breakdown?

So, I ask again, offset in its own paragraph:

Would you be interested in me doing an episode by episode look at Kim Possible?

I know a lot of people don't comment, but I could seriously use input on this.


  1. I think maybe?
    What catches my eye particularly is your remark that the show is "honestly more likable for what it tries to be than what it actually is." It gets me thinking about the whole idea of 'fix fic', about Shamus Young's massive Fable 2 rant and the ideas I have about fix-ficcing that story, about the whole phenomenon of something being bad by being almost superb. My exposure to Kim Possible is (save for the page image on the TV Tropes "Non-Action Guy" page) exclusively through fan work, and the bulk of that (i.e. everything I didn't read on this blog) fetish art featuring the characters rather than anything featuring characterization, but I feel like even that is enough to present me with an image of what Kim Possible tries to be that is so cool.

    I can't promise how long it will hold my interest - my interest in Fred Clark's decon of the Left Behind books waned pretty quickly - but at least right now it sounds interesting, and I can promise to read and comment on at least the first few posts with my reactions.

  2. You do write well, so I'm interested to see what you might come up with!

  3. I'm interested in "Chris's decon of KP" because I'm interested in "Chris's decon of *" for any value of *. I haven't seen the show, though having it freely available might well make it easier to follow what's going on.

  4. What Firedrake said. Similarly, what my past self said: "I have never let mere ignorance of the canon stop me from reading a sporking."

  5. I never got into Kim Possible. I can't promise the kind of attention I give to Amarie's Avatar decons. But, I'd give it a look.

  6. Kim Possible is the show I used to infrequently watch while it was on TV. If there'll be reruns any time soon and they won't interfere with anything else, I'll watch all over again. But I'm not in love with it. No strong emotional attachments whatsoever. So the criticism is almost guaranteed to not to be taken personally. Which means - yes, I'll read it.

    (Also what Firedrake said. It helps that I do have some interest in KP, but it's not impossible for me to read the reviews/recaps/critisism/just meta in general of/on the things I'm uninterested in because of *who* does those reviews etc. I read (past tense, they ended loooong before ther show did) Cleolinda's recaps of True Blood even though I didn't care about True Blood at all, because Cleolinda. I'm in my current main fandom because of her recaps too, despite actively not wanting to engage with anything from that 'verse *for years*.)


  7. I would be interested. Kim Possible has been on the list of things to watch someday for a while now, and I would find looking at it critically to be interesting. I tend to lurk rather than comment, but I would definitely read it, if you write about this.

  8. I'd also like. I have some (What I now realize to be horribly muddled) memories of watching it and I just like decons in general.