Monday, April 27, 2015


Took the long way home so I could stop by the pharmacy.  I was able to fill all but one of my medications, which is a good thing because it means that things have finally aligned so I don't have to come again and again because things are restricted on refilling before too soon.

(Also, annoying revelation, the four days of medication I had to buy when I was out of my insurance area cost as much as nine months of the same meds would have had my insurance extended to that area.)

That's not what the post is about.

There was no snow, obviously.

The grass was green.  There was a softball game.  The mallards have returned to the pond.  Canada Geese too.

It rained on me, when I didn't bring a coat, and I did not freeze.  Wasn't even chilly.

The giant grass that looks like bamboo but isn't bamboo (it's significantly smaller, though still giant for grass) is starting to push up through the paved path again as part of nature's endless war with human made boundaries.

The vacant lot is verdant but not yet overgrown.

The day is long, I'd have been in deep darkness otherwise.

Taking the long way home really showed me the signs that the seasons truly are changing.  It's not just another trick the fractured climate is playing on us all.


  1. Spring!

    Weather's still being weird in my region, but not freezing-weird. It's nice.

  2. It's so Spring!

    Sky is blueblueblue! Grass is green, at least in many places... Sun is bright! Clouds are white! Trees are flowering and annoying my poor son's nose! But they're really pretty!

  3. *wheeze* Yes, the trees are starting to flower, alright. *wheeze*

    Birds are migrating! Lots of Ruby-crowned kinglets out today.