Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In which I beg for money that I might refill my oil

I need to refill my oil.  I really need to refill my oil.  The distance between empty and where it is now is so small as to be impossible to accurately measure.

I was hoping that my heating oil could last at least until things got consistently warm so that I could have time to try to work out how I'm going to solve the sudden giant reduction in the amount of money I have to work with before I had to refill my oil.

It wasn't to be.  It could run out any day now, or even any hour now.

This month was the first month without food money, meaning what food I bought had to be bought from regular savings.  (Though much credit goes to Lonespark because yesterday she bought me a whole bunch of food from her money.)

I did, in fact, deal with the problem I was having with not having serviceable clothes.  Unfortunately that means the money spent on that is no longer available for oil.

Tomorrow will be the first month I have to deal with getting $200ish dollars less in actual money.

All of this adds up to me needing to ask for help for oil.

Ideally I'd fill the tank.  That's costs... actually I have no idea how big the tank is.  Last time it cost $520.26 if I assume a 200 gallon tank then it should be around 88 dollars cheaper this time.  Regardless of how much it would cost to fill the tank, I need to get something in there, which means that what I actually need (as opposed to want) is enough to make the minimum purchase, closer to $216.

I need this, and so I am asking for help.

I'm also noting that that if, say, ten people were to donate 20ish dollars each, (or 20 people donate 10ish) then that would be enough to have things not fall apart at this particular moment.

If you happen to have a large quantity of money you want to give me, then by all means give it to me.  But if you can pitch in a little, that's helpful too.


I'm probably going to be spending more time trying to work out things relating to money regardless since the final analysis is that I have $400ish less dollars a month coming in, which is $4,800ish less a year.  It took me too years to shave about $150 off of the expenses, and all of the big things that can be cut out were cut out in doing so.

If I can get foodstamps back then it's only $200ish less a month, obviously I'm going to be trying to do that.  That takes time.

Even if it does work, there's still another $200ish less coming in every month.  Need to figure out some way to plug that hole.  I was only barely getting by as it was.

More time focusing on money is less time focusing on the blog.  So unless some giant donation comes in that makes the problems less immediate, there's probably going to be a slow down no matter what.

That said, if I can keep oil in my tank "Less time focusing on the blog" won't be "No time focusing on the blog".  Hence asking for money.


Writing posts like this makes me feel slimy.


  1. This post doesn't seem slimy to me. I wish I could help. :(

  2. Don't feel slimy for asking help when you need help, better than the alternative. (admittedly not that I ever take my own advice in this regard...)

  3. It's fine, Chris. Let's hope you can find a solution!