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March 2013

I like indices.  I like being able to find things.  There's an index overhaul in the near future where I'll be making sure the existing ones are up to date and hopefully making them easier to navigate (the original work index, in particular, is one that I've let get away from me to the point it's nearly two years out of date.)

The plan is to spend this year getting somewhat more caught up on things. Specifically:
On the first day of each month I'll post the index for two years ago if it hasn't been made yet.  On the 16th day I'll post the index for one year ago.
Movies, Games, and TV Shows
chris the cynic's Guide to making Bad Movies for the Sci-Fi Channel - I'm actually quite proud of this even if what it says has mostly been harvested from negative examples (i.e. "This.  This thing that just happened.  This is how not to make a movie.)  I'm also proud of the fact that Fred Clark found it worthy of sharing on Slacktivist.  So, if you're called on to make a formulaic sci-fi movie that will feature bad acting and bad effects, what do you do?  Read my guide.

General Twilight:
The Van Scene, if Alice used her power - Completely different and much shorter.

Snarky Twilight:
Non-food analogies - Edward uses a food analogy only because he couldn't think of another way to explain.  Bella can think of many other ways to explain.

Me Stuff:
Random Stuff - Mostly my problems.

I'm not well at the moment - I was sick and extremely low on sleep.  I think it was before sleep medication was added to deal with the fact that the anti-depressant that finally worked left me unable to sleep.  Also I talk some about the phenomena of hearing through non-ear bodyparts and introduce the verb "heard-felt" to the world.  (The sickness and insomnia described here probably contributed to the general form of "Random Stuff" as well)

Well ... fuck. - The May course in Greece would have been a good thing.  The constraints needed to raise the money were such that it was believable I could muster the motivation and accomplish it in time.  Then it was canceled.

Not getting a ride home and being out of oil - Just ordinary problems for me.  Though I will note that back then (was the new bridge that lengthens the path up yet?) I was a much quicker walker and I managed to attend the Classics Club.

Apparently a bus is seven times faster than a pedestrian; or I met Izzy! - I.  Met.  Izzy.  Some notes.

The world at large stuff:
I was asked to share this (What the corporate jet tax loophole could pay for if closed) - As far as I know it has not been closed.

Selma Botman and the good and bad of Wikipedia - Botman supporters attempt to change history via malicious Wikipedia edits; chris the cynic proves she has no fucking clue what the real problems with Wikipedia are or how deep they go.  Ah, naive optimism.

This looks like a situation that calls for civil obedience - I default to reading that as civil disobedience even though there is no "dis" there.  Anyway, I argue that a a good way to protest a proposed law intended to harm trans people if it were passed would be to make sure it was obeyed by everyone in the building of the legislature that passed it.  (I have no idea if it was passed, I hope not.)

My Biblical Argument for Marriage Equality (and against both homophobia and trans*-phobia in general) - It has not changed.  This is my biblical argument against any kind of discrimination based on sex, gender, sexuality, or any combination of the three.

It's the day before Buy a Lot of Cadbury Eggs Monday - Don't act like everyone shares your religion; trying to bring an ancient Greek perfect tense to English one day a year.

Blog stuff:
Up to 70% off Joss Whedon Stuff for the week - Unless you're looking for something for characters to buy online on sale in March 2013, this really isn't going to be of interest to you.  I include it only because I like completeness.  Also, remember back before Amazon dumped me?  That was a different time.


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