Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The disappearing cast of Narnia

[Originally posted at Ana Mardoll's Ramblings.]
[It has been noticed that unlike in most stories where minor characters may be overlooked or underplayed or just plain not focused on, in Narnia everyone who isn't a main character actually seems to pop out of existence when the main characters aren't interacting with them.]

"Person with the name I can't pronounce no matter how hard I try," Euctace said to the empty air.
"You can just call me Nymphson if you'd like," said the man who had appeared out of thin air.
"What's it like when you're not... when you're not."
"It's like being a character in a book someone stopped reading. You don't go on. You just stop, but you're not allowed to get bored because that would affect your characterization when the person starts reading again. If they start reading again. It's a sort of limbo. Just not the theological one."
"Is it right for me to be afraid that I know exactly what you're talking about?"
"Who can say? But don't stop talking to me." Nymphson paused. "Please."

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  1. It's like drowsing off while you're driving: one blink you're here, the next you're somewhere else. What happened back where you were? You don't know. But there's a chunk of new knowledge rammed into your head, almost, almost like memories but not quite, and you just run with that. You don't want to try to break free. The headaches are a bitch.