Friday, October 18, 2013

Destroying the Classics: Mona Lisa by Van Gogh (image post)

An image thing I'm trying to do is being difficult, at best, so instead have this thing, the Mona Lisa redone in the style of Van Gogh by using a computer program that screws with texture reassignment and a sampler picture I created of various Van Gogh stuff so I'd have the appropriate colors since the program links colors to textures and blah.  It's been sitting on my computer since way back when my computer worked right.  Now scaled down to a more blog fitting size:

Texture from Starry Night and a self portrait


And here's the same sort of thing done to the black and white dinosaur image:
Using same textures as above

And using stuff from Starry Night only:

Texture and such from Starry Night only


  1. Starry Dinosaur looks like it would make a good plushie.

  2. I do like Starry Dinosaur very much.

    I really like this technique, although it seems hard to figure out ahead of time what might look best. Just experiment!