Thursday, October 17, 2013

Image Post: tiny dinosaur

Ok, so the internet wasn't working which for some reason made the browser spit out this image:

For those who have trouble looking at tiny things, that's this:
Now that's basically what bitmap tracing is for.  Trace the original image and you get an infinitely scaleable this:

At one point the idea had been working toward simulating brush strokes, but that time passed and I now do it mostly to hide artifacts of scaling methods, fight the blurry feel they can give (neither of which applies in this case) and break up large monochromatic spaces.  So that gives us this:

Which is unsatisfying.

One can make it into this, also unsatisfying.

And one starts to get the impression that intentionally fucking up the image might be a good idea here, so back to the original and add noise:

Then scale up:

My traditional lines for no real reason:

Upping saturation because it felt dull to me:

Nothing spectacular here in any of the pictures, really, but it's not like I had a lot to work with given where I started.


  1. I def. like the last one there; saturation is key. But the first B&W one you said was unsatisfying seemed cute and...not that interesting, but close. Is there more stuff you can do in grayscale? In your copious spare time, of course...

  2. To me, the last one and the first scaled-up colour one are most fun.