Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Sad Trombone.

[Originally posted at Ana Mardoll's Ramblings.]
[In response to someone wishing a post had been about an actual sad trombone.]

Trumpy was a very sad Trombone. A few years back everything had seemed to be going right, but then that videogame gig went wrong. At the last minute his starring role as the Trombone of Time was nixed when the creators decided that they wanted a flute instead. It wouldn't be so bad if the flute had at least been the same race as Trumpy, but the choice of the creators to use a local race of flute destroyed, in Trumpy's opinion, the east west meeting that was, in his mind, the center of the game.
When he was dumped from the project Trumpy said some things that he probably shouldn't have said, and as a result gained a reputation as someone who was "hard to work with".
His bright future came crashing down as that label made open doors close and the phone calls for potential roles became fewer and fewer.
In the beginning the damage done internally was even worse than that on the outside, he had --to his eternal shame-- become a bigot. He'd gotten passed that, and now harbored ocarinas no ill will and would help them if he could but at this point he could barely help himself.
He was left squabbling with a violin for space on a median strip in which to hold up a cardboard sign saying, "Homeless: Will play sad music for change."



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  2. Also I momentarily thought this had something to do with Donald Trump...