Thursday, February 25, 2016


I try to write three pages a day, by hand, with minimal breaks.  It's an exercise that's supposed to help with various creativity-related things.  Interestingly enough I do best at maintaining that ... mission/quest/goal/thing when I'm out of my element and thus not at home.

Today, which will be yesterday when this goes active, was the first time in a very long time that I did it in my own house.

Of course they're supposed to be morning pages and I started at 7:30 PM so I'm still not accomplishing well, but none the less: Progress!

A lot of the time I'm talking about plans that I'll never follow through on, ideas I'll never explore, and various ways of saying, "How the fuck do I fill three pages when I can't think of anything without writing this same thing over and over again?"

Sometimes something else comes out.  It's a brain dump and sometimes brains have things to say, ideas as it were.

Here's where I ended today:
We live in a land of plenty and people like me are supposed to be so afraid of losing what little we have that we'll refuse to admit anyone else deserves better than they've got.  No matter how much worse others may have it.
I have to believe that we're better than that.  Compassion is within us and, however fucked we ourselves may be, we can at least support the idea that others deserve better than they've got.
Even if we as individuals can't help, we the (motherfucking) people can.  The government is an extension of us; even broke people like me.
And then I ran out of page.  I think I was going to mention that part of the reason it's an extension of me, someone who gets money from the government instead of pays money into it, is that I vote.  Or some such.

Like I said: scribblings.



  1. Are you taking my advice?!?

    I don't hate you too!!!

  2. You're also supposed to be so afraid of losing what you have that you'll be a good little peon and not cause trouble. (This is most obvious with health insurance linked to employment: lose a job, don't get a new one, have an illness, and suddenly you have a choice between life and a roof over your head. So you put up with the crappy job.)

    The bonus problem (malus?) is that this sort of setup attracts the kind of person who thinks it's a good thing as long as they're on top.

  3. Also, content is awesome. If nothing else you could try throwing stuff like this. Out as open thread prompts.

    And too as well,not following thru in some way now or next month/year/decade doesn't mean you never will. Waiting is, as certain Martians would say...

  4. And scribblings makes me think of Carlin's Brain Droppings...

    And Martians make me wonder who gets the title of My Favorite Martian. Many great candidates!

  5. If the Government is an extension of me, that would explain why it's all messed up. It would be better if the government was an extension of someone competent.

    1. Hmmm, yeah. It's an extension of many other messed up folks, too. But if it really successfully represented ALL Americans, maybe our various shortcomings could mostly cancel each other out? I think that's how it's supposed to work. And that leaves a very boring, vaguely benign entity that lumbers around slowly and you call on it to lend its weight in long-term large-scale problems...