Monday, February 29, 2016

My computer is fucked.

I'm typing this on secondary computer which is itself showing signs of wear from old age.

Remember when I said that I dropped primary and things looked really bad but then it got better.  It didn't get better.

The new problems were simply more insidious.  A gradual increase in instability that at first was so little it was hard to notice.  A tiny crack in the wondrous screen that lead to me getting that particular model.

 Few days ago the instability reached the point where I got slammed by multiple blue screens of death in  a row and worried that I might not be able to keep it running long enough to do anything.

So I knew it had to go in for repairs, obviously.  But just now, without apparent cause, it hit me with something that I never saw coming and can't work around.

The keyboard stopped working.  Not all of it, just certain keys with no apparent rhyme or reason to which ones.  And then I did something very stupid.

I turned it on then off again without first checking that the keys needed to type in my password worked.

It turns on and off wonderfully.  It is physically impossible to type in my password.  Unless I find  a random USB keyboard lying around here (I won't) I'm not even going to be able to move important files to  place where I can still use them before I send it in for repairs.

As I said, my computer is fucked.

[Added :]

Sometimes I forget the obvious.  Ease of access on screen  keyboard  and  I'm in.  No way in Hell I'm doing this shit much.  But at least I should be able to back up/migrate important files so I can have them while computer is away.


  1. Sorry to hear that :(
    Have you tried using the on-screen keyboard?

    1. Not sure if I figured it out on my own before or after you posted this, but you were right and if I hadn't figured it out on my own your suggestion would have been a godsend.

      Typing this at school. They have USB keyboards. Sometimes I regret the fact that I'm not a thief.

    2. I take it that borrowing one from them wouldn't be on the cards. (Because a tiny percentage of people are thieves, therefore all must be treated as them.)

  2. I feel for you. I have gone through the same issue with keys not responding before. Yes, it usually comes with long long years of use. Happens to the best brands I suppose. I have a USB keyboard that I got just for that purpose, before I got another laptop. So sorry you turned it off without remembering about the password.

    Raymond @ CKS Global Solutions LTD