Thursday, February 4, 2016

I'm not afraid anymore, also Rides from Strangers

I got some donations.  I'm not afraid anymore.

I understand the people who don't donate a lot better than the ones who do, I think.  I definitely get the desire to help.  I'd send money Fred Clark's way if I could, and that was true even before I met him that one awesome time him and found out he was just as awesome in person.  I'd help out Ana Mardoll.  I'd give to so many people.

But I don't.  So I really understand not being able to help someone on the internet.

The ones that do never cease to amaze me.  I always feel like I've had my last miracle, the well has to have run dry, and yet I keep on getting more miracles.

So, um, thanks and I love you all equally.

- - -

Today I was extra laden on the walk to school.  Someone gave me a ride.  Three quarters of the way I think, though it might be more like two thirds.  For all the times I've made the trip you'd think I'd have a better idea of the breakdown.

May all the gods bless people who give rides to strangers.

It's strange.  I don't really talk to strangers unless I have something in mind to say, and when they talk to me I'm usually awkward.  But when someone's giving me a ride, words can flow freely.  Maybe it's because the only strangers who will give you a lift are nice people, otherwise they'd just ignore you and drive on by.  Certainly cars don't make it easier to be with my family (quite the opposite, trapped in a metal and glass cage that's moving at high speeds is not where you want to be for some conversations), but strangers who give me rides probably find me much more upbeat and loquacious than strangers I meet in other ways.

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