Monday, February 8, 2016

Question for regular readers regarding future Kim Possible works

Do you even want me to post them here?  They're not really what I was doing when this place was created to be a home for all of my stuff, instead they're much more in the realm of traditional fan fiction which is a different sort of beast.  I could just not post it here and put it exclusively at fan fiction sites (FFN and AO3) in the future.

I mean, I'm not getting the impression people here are all that interested in it, so it would be pretty straightforward to just, you know, not bother you with it.

So, again, question to readers (yes, lurkers, this includes you) would you prefer for me to stop posting Kim Possible stories here?


  1. I really enjoy reading your Kim Possible stuff and would prefer you keep posting it here as convenient.

  2. I can read them here, or if you say where else you're posting them I can read them there (as long as it has an RSS feed). Whatever's easy for you.

  3. Intersection VictorianFebruary 9, 2016 at 6:07 AM

    I've been enjoying your Kim Possible stories, 'though if you don't want to post them here I'd be happy to read them elsewhere instead.

  4. Honestly? I don't mind them, but I also don't read them, because whenever I try to give them a chance, they immediately go too dark for me and I stop. I prefer to be able to choose the level of darkness I'm engaging with in fiction. (I already managed to chose a very dark fandom, that's more than enough for me, for now.) Please, don't be angry at or upset with me if I stay away from those stories - it's all me, not you. Just because I'd rather not read them doesn't mean that they're bad, or that you're a bad writer - you're not, at all. *It's all me*.


    1. I totally understand avoiding that which is too dark. I do it myself.

      I definitely don't fault you for it, nor do I take it personally.

      If anything, I'm grateful to you for giving the stuff more than one chance, and sorry that it all ended up not being stuff you could enjoy.


      If I ever get around to writing "Here's how it is" that should be less dark. I hope.

      It's sort of odd that I've written almost nothing of that since it's closer to what I normally do. It'd be a retelling the way "Edith and Ben", "Skewed Slightly to the Left", and "If the heroes did their jobs" are retellings.

      Then again, I'd keep the tower scene, and Place coping with that is one of the darker parts of "Being more than a Simulacrum". (And unlike Shego's backstory it lingers after it comes up.)

      So ... yeah.


      Thanks for your feedback, Redcrow. As much as I appreciate people telling me that they are reading my stuff (and to the three people above, I do really appreciate it) I really feel better also having the viewpoint of someone who isn't reading the Kim Possible stuff.

  5. Chiming in as someone who enjoys the fanfics. I don't tend to have anything to say about them, but I do like reading them.

  6. Both, and, really. I like to read the fiction, and I will not be crushed if it migrates. Actually, I should probably figure out The Archive more, now that I'm part of it, and how it handles things like subscriptions and social aspects, if it has such.

  7. Even though I am not familiar with Kim Possible, I find the fictions you write in that setting to be very compelling. So I like to see them here. If you move them to another site, could you still post links from this site?