Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year Finance and Life Update

There is no current impending doom, which is always good, but going forward the outlook isn't quite as sunny as it seemed when I last posted about stuff.

You may recall that quite some time ago the government got mad at me, basically, for not being a con artist.  I'd asked for help paying for school, I got it, and I used that money to pay for school like I'd said I would.  The government determined that since no contracts were signed and so forth I could have asked for help paying for school then not gone to school and used the money for living expenses.

One of the results of this was that my income took a $200 per month hit.

An awesome person took it upon herself to fill that monthly gap in my income.  The importance of this cannot be overstated.  Every other horrible calamitous piece of bullshit, that's hit me over the past year wouldn't have mattered in the least because I'd already have been screwed over without that two hundred dollars a month.

Unfortunately she can't do that anymore.  Her financial situation has changed.  I hope that it's merely that she can no longer afford such extreme generosity; I'd hate to think that she's in a place where she's hurting because she gave me money instead of saved it.

Regardless, that's not there anymore.  The good news is that I have a buffer because of the good things that happened at the end of the year.  The donations that saved me from disaster then put passed that to no longer behind on anything, a Christmas present in cash.

If no disaster comes along I should have a a couple months to try to adjust to the new normal.

A lot of monthly expenses are eaten up slowly paying off the debt I've gotten into because of past disasters.  A current tally of high interest debt I'm holding is $9,003.11 which sort of makes me think that I should make a three dollar and eleven cent payment to something because it's so close to a figure with a lot of zeroes.  Also, my high interest debt is over nine thousand.

My not-as-high-interest debt is ... I was going to say "about half that" but it's actually closer to 60%.

Anyway, that's more about my finances than anyone could ever want to know.

* * *

Stuff that needs doing:

  • I need to get my eyes checked.  I need to get new glasses.
  • I need to fix the washing machine.
  • I need to fill the oil
    • good news: heating oil prices are damned low
    • bad news: that's still probably around $291.08 if I remember the size of the oil tank correctly
  • I need to sign up for my final semester of school mostly because the plan for not having a tumultuous interregnum mental health team hand off called for me to finish out the school year and thus keep the current team for this coming semester.  I'd also like to finish off on a semester that isn't abject failure.  Maybe not a high note, but at least a less low one.
  • I need to clean my house
  • I need to get back in touch with creativity beyond Kim Possible rut
* * *

Um . . . stuff?

Got a bit of a headache; losing track of what I was thinking.


Find (hopefully) or replace (this would really suck, there's so many pictures on the flash drive and I don't have money to get a good one) my camera.

It's hard to express how much my camera matters.  I've an extremely visual person whose mind is incapable of producing visuals.  I close my eyes and the world is gone, I'm not looking at something and I can't call to mind an image, my visual memory is my camera, without it I live in a world where images die the instant the moment has passed and they can never be resurrected.  This is not how I want to live.

It's not that I can't still appreciate cool looking things when I don't have a camera, but I like being able to bring back the moment later on and appreciate them again.  I can't do that without my camera.

Also, I need to buy a new hat.  After going to extreme lengths not to lose it in the (I'm going to say) gale force winds I walked to the bus station in, I then left it at the station where, given it didn't stay there long enough for me to call the station and say, "Grab my hat," someone apparently decided they liked it and took it as their own.

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