Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Begging for money again

As you may have noted the last time I did a fundraising post I brought up two looming problems.

One was that the $200 per month hole wouldn't really hit hard until non monthly expenses (taxes on the house, insurance on the house) came around, the other was because I've only recently figured out how the hell the billing structure was set up, I've never really budgeted for the cost of internet.

Taxes are due February 11th.  $650something  $657ish sounds about right.  Or maybe $659 and change?  (I don't have the figure in front of me right now.)  While usually I had wiggle room with this, it looks like I might not this time.  It looks like I'll need the money on time (which tends to incur an additional 12 to 15 dollars to get it fast) because I probably can't count on a family member being able to make the payment and then me paying them back.

Internet needs money too $139.80

Use the high figure for taxes, the low figure for fees, and the exact figure for internet and that's $813.80

Here's the thing: I got my oil but the payment still hasn't gone through (I need to call them about that, but calling is hard, especially during business hours.)  That means that my account is telling me that I have money which I know for a fact I don't have.  But I'm not sure how much.

I think that of that $813.80 I can probably only pay less than a hundred dollars, but probably not too much less.

So we're back to the never ending series of potential catastrophes.

Please give me money so I can keep my house and my internet connect.  Usual caveats apply.  Don't give if you can't afford to.  I don't want anyone hurting because of me.

Also, the new discovery that apparently it's better for me if you sent the money through paypal by sending it to my email cpw (at) maine (dot) rr (dot) com than if you use the donate button (top right corner.)

- - -

Samantha, I owe you a book.  I do still have a few copies of The Princess Who Saved Herself and I've always meant to send you one but I only remember at times I can't actually pull it off.  I've given my email above.  Pester me until I tell you it's on the way.  So damned sorry for not sending it to you two months ago.

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  1. I could possibly mail one of my copies of the book to Samantha if you give me the address...