Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It got worse.

Not financially, I still need $813.80 or else very bad things.  No, something else happened.

Yesterday I got food.  That is good.  It marks the end (I hope) of two weeks or more of downward spiral where I didn't have the energy to make food (and didn't have much food that was already prepared) and so didn't eat much, and so didn't have calories, and thus didn't have the energy to make food, and thus...

But you don't just instantly get better after that, especially since I got the food late yesterday.

As I moved zombie like through my day, which included the one class I'm taking to stay in university thus giving time for a decent transition to outside medical care, at one point I picked up my bag without remembering to zip it first.

Out came my computer which had a nasty, and loud, meeting with the floor.  The impact tore apart the casing around the left hinge but, when I was able to turn the computer on afterward, didn't seem to have screwed up the computing.

"Seem" being the operative word.

As is becoming fairly standard it has two drives.  One to run the operating system and important programs and whatnot, one to hold everything else.  The reason it seemed ok was that the operating system drive is operating.

The other drive doesn't even show up as existing.  If I'm lucky there's just a connection that got knocked loose.  But even then if I want it fixed without voiding my warranty I probably need to have the professionals whose job it is be the ones to fix it.  If I'm not lucky I just lost the vast majority of my data.

Either way, I'm probably out of a primary computer for a while.  And I have to add going to turn my computer over to tech support to the list of things to do.

As with so many computer related things, no idea what the fuck this will do to posting here.

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