Saturday, January 2, 2016

And I ran out of oil

I think.  I was away from home for a week.  Got back today.

I forgot to do various things before I left but the one that really matters is that I forgot to turn down the heat.  Thus the house was unnecessarily staying warm enough for human comfort (I'm sure the cat liked that, but she's capable of enduring colder temperatures than a human being) and thus burning more oil than needed.

It was already dangerously low anyway, it might have run out if I had remembered to turn down the heat.

It's definitely better to just fill it in one go than try to get a bit, wait to see what the price of oil does and the financial winds bring, risk running out again, and so forth.

As it so happens I calculated this expense earlier today.  Should be $291.08 exactly.  Prices fluctuate, and stuff, so might not work out that way down to the eight cents,  but I guess I won't be getting high interest debt under nine thousand any time soon.

And this is a bit of where previous financial outlook interacts with new reality of the very, very generous person no longer being able to fill that $200 a month gap in stuff.  Pretty much the same stuff would be going on in previous financial outlook except that when all was said and done most of the money charged to the credit card would have been paid off before it had a chance to accrue interest, now it's just going to have to be added to ongoing debt.

Big hope is that it doesn't get cold enough for anything to freeze and bring about utter destruction between now and when oil is delivered.

I'll try to have a less depressing/shitty post up sometime tomorrow.

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  1. Oil will be delivered soon, I hope. *wills that it stays above freezing until it arrives*