Saturday, August 23, 2014

Missing hat

I got a ride from my mother because I felt liked I'd been imposing on my father the past two days and didn't want to bother him that day.

It turned out that because of the early departure needed to get a ride from my mother I didn't have my full wits about me when I left and forgot three things.  Two I decided to call my father about.  The third was that I forgot to print the ticket.  A quick trip over to the university and its printers would solve that.

You could see that the rubber foot of one of my crutches was damaged, Lonespark had said I'd need to replace it.

Finally it blew out.  I've never mastered walking on one crutch.  Walking on one crutch while holding onto a useless crutch, hard as all hell.

I made it back and got onto the bus, what to do with the crutches was sort of hard to figure out, but the problem would come later.

I realized, via being reminded, that I forgot to take my medication.  I'd need to do that when I got to south station.

Wrangling purse, crutches, backpack, and stuff that wanted to fall out of purse and backpack was difficult.  I forgot my hat.  Thankfully someone let me know.  Hat saved.

I went to McDonnald's in the South Station Bus Terminal.  (Not to be confused with the other end of South Station which is housed in a different building that services the Redline of the T and commuter rails of many sorts.  Plus Amtrak.  That has a McDonnald's too.)

I forgot to say no ice so instead of a large soda I had an incredibly small soda in a large cup that was mostly filled with solid water.  It was enough to take my meds though.

When the time came to go I went through the difficult task of gathering everything, now including a duffle bag that had been under the bus and tried and failed to make use of my remaining good crutch while somehow carrying the broken crutch.

When I got picked up I told of how I had almost lost my hat without ever realizing that I had left my hat three floors up in the rotunda of South Station.

So long hat, may you live well.

The hat, if I remember correctly, cost ten times as much as the amount of money the crying person was short on a bus ticket.  If I had cash I would have paid him, and if he turned out to be a sneaky person conning me or something I wouldn't feel the money was wasted, better that liars get money than innocent people get stranded.

The hat in question.  This hat.

A couple pictures:

At some point I'll have the money for another hat.

Also, the broken part of the crutch has been replaced.  I have two working crutches; I can take on the world.


  1. The forlorn photo of the hat on the beach seems really appropriate.

    ...that had nothing to do with the hat, I just needed to express my appreciation.

  3. But now what am I going to do with this axe and these plans to be phographed back to back fighting...demons? or something?

    1. Someday I will have enough money to buy a new hat.

      I still have my rainbow hair and rebar wand so I'm pretty sure we can work something out then. Just ask the demons to wait until later.

  4. Oh, and on the subject of hats, I am obsessed with the Covet Fashion app, and whenever I get money or diamonds I usually use them to buy as many awesome hats as possible. Because HATS, even if they are only digital.