Friday, August 22, 2014


  1. Unity
  2. The even prime
  3. The only consecutive prime
  4. First perfect square
  5. The first elder twin prime
  6. First squarefree composite
  7. Perfect number in Babylonian numerology
  8. First perfect cube
  9. First non-unity Kaprekar number
  10. Base.
  11. Landed on the moon.
  12. First sublime number.
  13. Months in a lunar year.
  14. Fortnight
  15. Quarter of an hour.
  16. Lowest perfect forth.
  17. "The most random number"
  18. Chapters in Ulysses
  19. The impossible cribbage score
  20. First primitive abundant number
  21. Spots on a standard die
  22. Paths in the tree of life
  23. Read the Illuminatus Trilogy an you'll see where the whole fuss started.
  24. Squares in a tesseract
  25. First aspiring number
  26. Number of cards of a given color in a deck of cards.
  27. Plastic parts in a Rubik's cube
  28. Only natural number with a unique Kayles nim-value.
  29. First number that is a  Pell prime and a Pillai prime
  30. First sphenic number.
  31. Number of triads in the standard twelve tone musical system
  32. First perfect fifth
  33. Bones in typical human spine
  34. The first semiprime Markov number
  35. Youngest age at which one can legally become president of the USA.
  36. Number of Tzadikim Nistarim
  37. First irregular prime
  38. Number of minutes a Stargate can stay open if not fed by an external power source.
  39. First perfect totient semiprime Perrin number
  40. First pentagonal pyramidal semiperfect octagonal Størmer number
  41. First centered-square (natural Einstein Proth) cousin prime
  42. The Answer

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  1. 43. Smallest prime that is not a Chen prime.