Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I haven't forgotten that this place exists. I swear.


I have thoughts for posts on the most recent Godzilla movie (47 years late Godzilla finally makes it to San Francisco), The Croods (it's all fun and games when you're kidnapping people and plotting your mother in law's demise), Spore (this game you made, it doesn't appear to know what sort of game it is), and definitely want to get back to Edith and Ben, Snarky Twilight, .hack and Deus Ex, some Left Behind and Narnia stuff, and of course The Princess Story.

It's just that actually doing it never seems to happen.  Hopefully this will change soon.

Also, good news, they x-rayed my foot from three different angles and concluded that it's no worse than I already knew (it hurts, but is otherwise undamaged, the pain should go away with time.)

Oh, and remember when I needed beta readers in a huge hurry?  Going to need them again more or less nowish, but I have to write (or rather rewrite/expand) the thing before anyone can read it.  It's the same thing, others agreed with the general sentiment that there was too much unexplained.  I have to work out how to do exposition without making it feel like exposition.  I'm thinking cheeseburgers might be the solution.

But I need it in the next few days because computer problems (remember those?) delayed me getting the information and then procrastination (my constant companion) further put off writing more until now when I'm a few days from being out of time.  Which is where things currently stand.


  1. My inbox is open if you're ok with my beta-ing :)

    1. Even though blogger makes you (or is it "asks you to"?) use an email to comment I don't get to know what it is. (Weird, right?) So you'd have to tell me what your email address is. Mine is cpw (at) maine (dot) rr (dot) com, so if you email me in time, and I see it in time, I'd love to have you beta.

  2. Well, I should be able to beta, unless you need it done, like, tomorrow...

  3. Can help with the beta thing if you like; you have my email.