Thursday, August 7, 2014

A computer and a hot shower

Yesterday two things happened.  The furnace was fixed so I can now get hot water.  I've had a hot shower at my house for the first time in ages.  On the less pleasant side that'll mean a need to come up with $370 (which should be much easier thanks to some donations; thank you donating people) and the need to wash more or less every dish in the house because without hot water I haven't been able to and thus, to have clean dishes, I had to basically search out every clean dish there was and use it.  But on the plus side, there will be clean dishes again.

The second is that, while my furnace was being fixed, my computer was delivered.  This computer that I am writing on right now.  Primary computer is back home and working just fine and that's a damn good thing.

So hopefully posting can get back to normal.  Of course there're dishes to wash, there's school coming up (haven't really worked out how I'll pay for tuition), and an extreme need to step up efforts against the flea infestation.

On that last point this is basically the point I'm at: the fleas are greatly diminished (yay!) but they are by no means gone (boo!) which means that if I don't act while they're deminished to get rid of them I'll be overrun again (shudder-boo.)

But the important thing to focus on is good things.  I have my computer back and I have hot water.


As a side note, when primary computer went away I switched to secondary email.  Yestery I checked primary email for the first time since then 8,774 new messages.