Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quick and silly on what locusts should be called

I think they should be called Flying Grasshoppers of Doom.

As I was saying this to someone they pointed out that when I say "Locusts" (over the phone, while drained and tired) it sounds like "locus."  So this would assist people like me in communication because if someone thinks you're saying "Locus" when you're saying "Locust" that could really hinder communication.

That's not why I think they should be called Flying Grasshoppers OF DOOM.

I think they should be called flying grasshoppers of doom because they are flying grasshoppers of doom.

But it was pointed out that "Flying grasshoppers of doom," is kind of long.  Not succinct like "Locusts."

So I suggested that one could ROUS them.

Which would result in FGOD.  "F-GOD?  Eff God?"

Totally unintentional, but that's what the Egyptians were saying during the 8th Plague so clearly it's not just a silly idea; it's density.  We must call them Flying Grasshoppers of Doom.


  1. Did you write "density" instead of "destiny" on purpose? Is that Back to the Future Reference?

  2. Let's be traditional about this.