Monday, February 17, 2014

God I hate making posts about money.

Because of insurance-doctor-pharmacy interaction problems I ended up off my medication.  That's fixed but it's still building back up in my system which means I'm still not quite right.

Apparently, during this time I haven't paid enough attention to incoming mail.  Remember when I said I put $200 in the wrong account by mistake and thus ended up with that much less cash on hand than planned?  Remember when I said that this apparently wouldn't result in very bad things?  I knew I didn't have that much of a buffer, that shouldn't have set me off to the fact I was missing something.

Three things actually, all sitting in a neat pile.  Adding up to $121.21, a number that I would like for it's visual pattern except that the money that was supposed to be allocated for that (the $200) accidentally went to paying off debt that won't accrue interest for six months.  So fuck.

And another thing in that pile was the envelope of renewal forms for my access to food.  Which are overdue.  Hopefully the result will be a delay, not a cancellation.

I promise I'll try to have something lighter and more in line with what this place is about up later today.  I'm thinking something silly about Long Live the Queen.  The posts I've made on the topic so far are serious, time for a change of pace.

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