Monday, July 22, 2013

More about my Birthday

Someone suggested that I make an Amazon wishlist, and as I started to do that I noted a Blu-ray/DVD/CD/VHS player that I'd really like.  So I added it to the wish list because "wish" but here's the thing: Given the price tag on it if anyone were to actually get it for me (pretty sure no one would because aforementioned price tag) the only reasonable course of action would be to sell it and use the money for school.

Which means that... I don't know.  I feel like an ass saying, "Just give me money," but anything but the cheapest things I'd probably have to sell for money anyway.  From my birthday to when university starts is one month.  One month to figure out how to get thousands of dollars when everything is in disarray, stress is high, and I'm on the wrong fucking medication.  Though hopefully that last can be fixed.  I was put on current one because it might work but also because trying it would be needed to convince the insurance company to pay for the one that does work which is, unfortunately, more expensive.  By a lot.

I don't want to sell any gifts.  That feels bad and evil and wrong.

So I'm left with this, next year I'll have a wishlist up and if anyone wants to get me something by all means get me something.  This year, this year if you want to give me a present just donate.  If you want you can attach a message saying, "I'd like you to use this to buy [whatever]," and I'll see what I can do.  But for now, if you want to get me something, just donate.

And yes, that is exactly what I said makes me feel like an ass.

Though there is another possibility.  On my birthday, August 3rd, if you can make it to southern Maine, contact me and we could meet face to face.

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  1. I'd add, if you can make it to somewhere in New England, ideally between Boston and Southern Maine, I could probably arrange a ride.