Monday, July 1, 2013

Computer Update

Good news bad news.

Good news, my computer is back in on piece, all I need to do is scrounge up six 4-40 nuts and it should stay that way for a good long time.

Bad news, I had hoped the color problem was with the cable (and that came fast, fast enough it arrived on the same day as the hinges), I was wrong. Red is dead. I don't know if the problem is on the computer's end or the monitor's end but either way is more than I can afford to fix.  So red is brown, everything else has an extremely annoying tint.  It's giving me a headache.  Having this as primary computer might be a problem.

Worse news, somewhere between realizing that some parts didn't quite fit right, drilling holes through the support structure so I could replace internal screws with external screws, and whatnot the screen cracked.  So far it's just annoying, it actually just looks like hair stuck to the screen at the moment, but cracks can expand.

So, yeah.  Got my computer back, as in in working order, but not in the order I was hoping for.


  1. A problem with one color being gone is almost certainly the monitor's fault, not the computer's.

    1. So cheaper to replace (and would get rid of the cracks), but still outside my price range.

      There was visible damage to the cable connecting the two so I was very much hoping that the problem was in transmitting the signal, but no such luck.

      Thank you for the information though, I'll keep an eye out for under-priced broken computers of this type where the problem isn't the monitor. It's odd, but a broken computer with a working monitor is often cheaper than a working monitor on its own.