Saturday, July 27, 2013

Apparently the Sci-Fi Channel can't decide which theme to use with Sharknado: the shark or the nado

Sci-Fi Saturday used to be a day when you could be assured of seeing a bunch of bad Sci-Fi movies at least losely connected to one theme followed by a Sci-Fi original or actual good movie centered on that theme.

That is no longer the case.  They've moved movie day to Friday.  But Sharknado was such a sensation that the decided to do an entire day of theme movies today culminating in Sharknado, just like the old days (Though they didn't say that.)  But what theme?

They told my provider they'd be playing:
Storm War
Impact (parts one and two)

A little bit scatter-shot, space weather in there and whatnot, but clearly a -nado theme.

This is what they are playing:
Malibu Shark Attack (The one with the Sharknami)

Definitely a shark theme.  Unless they change their mind again before the day is through.


  1. In Canada, Sharknado was such a sensation that they decided to show one bad shark movie every Tuesday night. Unfortunately, I missed Sharktopus, and next week is Two-Headed Shark Attack which I've already seen. Maybe week after next.

  2. I recommend -- perhaps that should be "recommend" -- Shark in Venice, starring Stephen Baldwin (who loses thirty pounds every time there's an action scene). Yes, a shark is rampaging through the canals of Venice.

    1. I was thinking about Sharks in Venice earlier today. I'm not sure, but my best guess would be when I was rounding up all the Shark movie links.